What to do in London in December

I both love and hate London in December. It can be the most magical place, lots of christmas markets, frosty cold air and every street is decorated for christmas. The only problem is, because it is so amazing, it seems like the entire world has decided it wants to visit London for christmas which mean you can’t move anywhere. So, if you have already planned a visit to London for the christmas month here are a few tips on what to do.





  • Hyde park Winter Wonderland. This is the biggest christmas market that I have ever been too. You could spend a whole day here and not be able to see all of it. It is a must see in my opinion but I do have a couple tips so you’ll make it out of the market alive. Go during the day time. It’s stunning in the evening but try going in the day time and it won’t be as crowded. Don’t go on the evenings. Saturday’s and Sunday’s in December are absolutely packed. If you’re here on a weekend in December I would avoid any touristy places as you’ll hardly be able to move, go on a weekday instead!
  • Christmas shopping. Okay, I know many people travel to London to do their christmas shopping. London has so many great shopping opportunities so it’s completely understandable. My advice is however to not do all your shopping on Oxford street. I have seen people actually queuing outside the shops because it’s so crowded. I would advice going to other shopping areas such as Westfield Stratford or Shepherd’s Bush, or go either early or late in the day if you need/want to do your shopping on Oxford street.
  • Afternoon tea. You should absolutely make time for afternoon tea in December. All the hotels are decked out for christmas and it’s simply the most amazing atmosphere. I have to make a confession and say I have never had afternoon tea in London! But most hotels offer it, simply choose a hotel you like the look of. If there’s a hotel that’s out of your budget to stay at, having afternoon tea is a great way to spend some time in the hotel. Just check if there’s a dress code (some don’t accept jeans, trainers, etc.).
  • Ice skating. This is on my list to do every December and every year I somehow run out of time! Anyway, if you’re here you should definitely try it. I know they have it at the Natural History museum in South Kensington and Somerset House by Embankment.


xx Rapunzel

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How to pack for long flights 

If you’re doing a long flight you want to be as comfortable as possible. You’re going to be doing a lot of waiting and sitting down and want to be as comfortable and rested as you can.

I was able to fit everything that I needed in to one bag which I recommend. Carrying lots of bag around when you’re travelling just makes you grumpy and it’s always annoying to see those people who are taking up everyones storage space on the flight because they decided to had to bring 3 massive bags.






I wouldn’t say no to be back here ♥


  1. Choose a bag that feels comfortable carrying and that has smart storage that means that you find everything quickly. You don’t want to be pulling everything out of your bag because you can’t find your passport. I chose my very well used and loved tote bag from Michael Kors. I use it for everything because it fits so much and in my opinion it is a pretty bag. I’ve actually used it so much over the years that the handles are all worn and it needs to be retired soon but it definitely does its job! It’s got two small pockets for you phone(s), a pocket with a zip that perfectly fits a MacBook air, a small pocket with a zip that I usually use for lipgloss, gum, etc, a pocket for my wallet and passport and a holder for your keys.
  2. Entertainment. On most long haul flights have the opportunity to watch films now, which is a lifesaver. But it’s also a good idea to download a film or two on your Ipad just in case. I also always bring a good book which I’m excited to read as I can easily read for a couple hours and it will just make the time go past so much quicker. Bring good headphones for films and music!
  3. Comfy clothes. If I’m going to be in the air for several hours I need to be comfortable. Fashion is not my top priority, I would rather be comfortable and rested. Wear soft trousers, comfortable shoes and nothing that’s going to be too tight or squeeze you in the wrong places. I try to bring a soft long cardigan that I can wrap around me and I always bring a big scarf with me on every flight. I use it to wrap around me if I’m cold, as a pillow or to cover my eyes if I want to sleep.
  4. Snacks and water. It’s always a good idea to bring some good snacks and water so you’re hydrated and don’t end up starving and grumpy. Drinking lots of water prevents you from becoming bloated and is also good for your skin as the air condition will make your skin dry.
  5. Makeup and skin care. Bring a few makeup and skin care items that you’re allowed in your carry on and you can apply during the flight. I wont do a full face of makeup before the flight as I will always try to sleep and your skin also becomes very dry. A good idea is to bring travelled sized moisturiser/makeup wipes/hydrating spray that you can use at the end of the flight. I would also bring a sheet mask which you can put on and are great to bring on travel. You’ll probably look a bit crazy wearing it but your skin will be glowing when you’re landing. Then you can put on some makeup just before landing if you want!


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Muir woods and vine tasting









When we were visiting San Francisco we decided to venture out one day. I have wanted to see the massive redwood trees for years and years and since we were so close to them we decided to use the opportunity and go see some. And it did not disappoint! We went to Muir Woods that are about an hour north of San Francisco and that is a national monument. Smaller than a national park, but still as beautiful and serene. You just walk around with a sense of admiration for something that has been around for so many centuries. The world is constantly changing and here you just find these majestic creatures that have lived through everything. It was the most beautiful place and I could have stayed there forever.





We also wanted to do some vine tasting so travelled to Sonoma County to do just that, and to top it off it the day finished with some beer tasting! I don’t like beer but my boyfriend was very happy and the vine was stunning so I wasn’t feeling too bad myself. We visited two vineyards, one beer brewing and had lunch in Sonoma, which was just the cutest little town. 

All in all, this was probably my favourite day that we spent in California♥

xx Rapunzel

My trip to Maui, Hawaii









Okay, where do I even start. I have official been to what can only be described as paradise on earth. Maui, Hawaii, oh how you are beautiful. I have had the best week of my life, everyday has been beautiful, filled with sunshine, sand, love and happiness. Cheesy as it sounds.

As I’m sure I have mentioned earlier I went with my boyfriend. This trip was actually on behalf of my boyfriend’s job along with several 100’s others in the company. We stayed at the Four Seasons Wailea which is beyond doubt the most stunning hotel I have ever been too.We filled our days by going to the beach, chilling by the pool, and eating way too much delicious food. The perfect holiday!


xx Rapunzel

I’m in Paradise

I’m somewhere that must surely be the definition of paradise; Maui, Hawaii. It’s so beautiful here I could almost cry! Everyday I’ve been commenting on the weather, the nature, the food, the people; it’s nothing short of perfection.

I want to enjoy the holiday as much as I can so I will do more in depth posts later and just enjoy the holiday for now. I’m staying here until Saturday and then we travel to San Fransisco!

Xx Rapunzel

Birthday weekend part 2

The second part of my birthday weekend is going to cover Saturday and Sunday. My boyfriend has booked tickets to go up the Eiffel Tower and we started to stroll over in the beautiful sunshine. We saw Arc de Triomph in the distant and decided to head that way in the way to the Eiffel Tower. I didn’t want to squeeze too much in, but a few touristy things had to be done.

When we got to the Eiffel Tower it was actually closed as there had been someone trying to get in with a knife. I find that so scary, especially with the amount of tradgies that have happened in France lately but thankfully it was not something that escalated.

Finally at the top the view took my breath away! So beautiful, and so much bigger than I expected. I am also petrified of height and my legs were actually shaken on the way down lol. We couldn’t have asked for a better day as it was so sunny and hot!

We made a last minute decision to go to the Moulin Rouge at night. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was definitely an experience! Cute little tables with red lamps on them, waiters who rush around giving out bottles of champagne and of course the cabaret. Definitely a fun experience and I was smiling and giggling throughout. But if you’re going and travelling don’t that your children to at, a lot of people actually did and it’s not the place for kids lol.

Sunday was my favourite day! We went to the Louvre! I have been wanted to go for years and especially after watching the Da Vinci code, cliche as it might be. It was absolutely genormous! We only got to see a small part as museums really it was so big, but I got to see the Mona Lisa which I’m thrilled about. Be aware that there are so so many other people there, it’s an old building that really wears on your legs and to bring lots of water.

It was the best birthday surprise I have received and I feel so lucky to have someone in my life who brings me so much love, joy and treats me so well. I’m looking forward to the year as being 25 and so excited about the future!
Xx Rapunzel

Birthday weekend part 1

Hi everyone

I wanted to write a post about my birthday weekend. I will do it in two posts and this one will cover Thursday and Friday. I’ve had an amazing few days in beautiful Paris. I’ve been to the Eiffel Tower, eaten the longest meal I have probably ever had in a Michelin star restaurant, been to the Louvre and generally just enjoyed my birthday weekend with my boyfriend. It’s truly been a special time and I feel so blessed!

We started the weekend in London with balloons, treats and an amazing meal at Chevice in Old street. We have been to the restaurant before and the serve the most amazing South American food, you must try the roast chicken! So simple but so full of flavour. I also got to wear my bag for the first time and was beyond excited!

On Friday afternoon we jumped on the Eurostar to Paris, both eager and excited! Although I did manage to nap on the train as I’m a professional at sleeping on transportation, it’s a true talent.

Arriving in Paris we headed straight for the hotel.

We stayed at the Buddha Bar Hotel in Paris which was divine. An Asian styled hotel were the staff make sure you have everything you need and that you’re comfortable. And let me tell you that bath was amazing!

We went out for dinner to Les Climats were we managed to spend over 4 hours (!!) eating. We chose a set menu with paired wine, I can’t even remember how many glasses I had which is why I only have the pictures below from dinner (whoops). I did have an amazing time though and although some of the courses were a bit too strange to my taste, overall the food was divine and the staff and location was superb.

Part 2 will be coming up soon.
Xx Rapunzel

I’m going to Paris

Oh my God, this is a dream come true! I have been wanting to go on the Eurostar for years as I do live in London, but have never actually done it. I’m the only one left in my family who hasn’t been to France, so it’s about time that I check this one off my list of places to visit. It’s going to be days filled with some sightseeing (of course), amazing food and vine, and just enjoyment and relaxation. I will be in Paris from Friday to Sunday and will of course be taking pictures and writing about how the trip have been.

On my list of things to do is going to two amazing restaurants, a tour of the Eiffel tower,  and going to the Louvre museum. So far that is all that we have planned, I love art and I’m so excited to be going to the Louvre! I will be trying to take pictures in the restaurants, although I find it a bit cringe-y but I’ll try and ignore it and get something nice that I can post. In the past I have been the worst at taking pictures and it is such as shame because I would love to have pictures that I can look at and enjoy.


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Feel free to send my your Paris tips!

xx Rapunzel

Spa break in the country side

Oh, I’m feel so relaxed, at peace and my stress levels have decreased drastically. I spent one day at a spa resort in the countryside, with limited internet access. The perfect cure for any stressed individual. It was beautifully green, the hotel and spa facility was built in a style not unlike the cottages in the Swiss Alps.



The facilities consists of a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room and an outside jacuzzi overlooking a small charming pond that is the home of several cute ducks. It could not get more peaceful. There’s also a range of spa treatments from massages, scrubs and manicures. I got a pedicure with a heavenly foot massage, and also a facial to rejuvenate the skin, leaving it feeling firm, glowy and soft. No need to say that I was having a good day yesterday.

In the evening followed a three course meal with out favourite red wine, candles, overlooking the pond. Definitely a recommended stay cation if you’re like me and not able to take your holiday abroad but still want the feel of being on holiday.


Xx Rapunzel