Wellness Wednesday: Don’t set yourself up for failure

It’s the second month of the year! Personally, I feel like January past very slow and I was getting excited for February to get here. No wonder as December is such an eventful month with lots of celebrations, food, gifts and excitement and then comes January and you’re supposed to be a health kick, try new exercise methods and there’s a lack of money due to all the expenses in December. That’s a lot to handle and a lot of changes in a relatively short period of time.




That’s why I wanted to focus on wellbeing specifically for this time of the year. If you live somewhere where it’s cold at this time of the year it can be difficult to be motivated about healthy eating and exercise when you just want to be inside where it’s warm. There’s rarely any sun and, at least here in London, it’s a permanent grey weather that really dampens my mood. For me I don’t like to push myself to do to much, if I try and tackle every single area of my life that needs some attention I’m setting myself up for failure and I’ll feel 100% worse when I’m not performing to my (honestly too high) standard. So this is what I’m trying to do..




Focus on one thing in your life that you want to improve and let the others be. Do you want to exercise more? Learn new recipes? Read more books? Spend more time with your friends? Don’t try and do everything at once! Eventually there will be one thing that you wont have time for and you’ll end up feeling like you have failed when there’s simply not been enough time and life get’s in the way. Try to just focus on one thing. For February, try to focus on one thing that you’ve wanted to try or improve on and let the others go. Eventually you’ll get in to a routine where that one thing you want to improve on gets easier and then you can add something else. For me it’s exercise. I really like to exercise but through various excuses I haven’t done any exercise for the longest time, so I’ve now signed myself up for a gym! I’ve booked a class for Friday and I’m going to aim to go a couple times a week. I’m going to try and focus on just that and not try and be 100% perfect on everything going on in my life, and hopefully when I’ve gotten into a routine with exercise and can add something else in.

Let me know how it goes!



Xx Rapunzel

Introducing Wellness Wednesday




I’m introducing a new topic today, Wellness Wednesday! This will be a weekly post that will be coming up every Wednesday and that will be focusing on wellness, wellbeing and things like how to reduce everyday stress. I’ll only introduce things that I know work and that has actually been tested. Having a psychology background I thought it would be good to be able to talk about certain things that I know actually does work and why it works.

I also want to post on more of a schedule, I’m thinking probably 3-4 post a week? Maybe Monday, Wednesday, Friday and possibly Sunday? Sunday’s will be dedicated to interior, decorating and house related stuff, while Monday’s and Friday’s are fashion, beauty and just everyday stuff.



♥Wellness Wednesday – organise your life♥

As it is January and the beginning of a new year, most people have a set of new year’s resolutions, things that they want to improve on and get rid off. I’m completely the same and had a massive throw out of all old beauty products, makeup and papers the other day! And that’s what I want to introduce today, organise your space around you. Throw away what you don’t need, you’ll end up with a lot more room in your house, you know exactly what you have and you’ll end up feeling so much organised.

Top organisation/clean out tips:

  • Organise all your papers: Do you have lots of notes and papers lying around? Collect all of it and separate into a throw pile and keep pile. With the keep pile organise that again into sections, such as for example bills to keep, cards, important documents etc. and put them into separate folders.


  • Go through your closet. Throw away anything that you haven’t worn in the last two years. Yes, really. You won’t use it again. Also throw away anything with holes on that’s not worth repairing, socks you only have one off and things that no longer fit. Fold your knickers and put into a drawer, fold pairs of socks into each other and place bra’s in a big drawer, placing the cups into each other. This way you can see everything.
  • Organise your clothes into sections, such as jeans by themselves, t-shirts by themselves etc. You can also organise by colour. Fold the bottom of long dresses over the hanger so they don’t get ruined and keep paper in nice bags and shoes so they keep their shape.



  • Go through all your makeup and beauty products. Anything that has expired you throw out, and anything that you simply don’t use throw away or give it to someone else. Organise it into for example small see through boxes so you see everything. Also clean all your makeup brushes.


Phew! This is what I did a few days ago and I couldn’t believe some of the things that I had that I really should have been throwing out a long time ago. I now know where everything is kept and exactly what I’ve got which actually makes my head feel a lot more organised. And there’s not so more running around trying to find that lip gloss or my passport at the last minute!



xx Rapunzel

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What’s your personality type



Okay, I’m a bit surprised I haven’t blogged about this before because I’ve told several people in my life about it. I’m taking about taking a personality type test. As someone who’s studied psychology, I got to learn about personality types and taken a test to find out my own personality. I think I have taken the personality test about 3 times and I always get the same answer so I’m fairly sure I know my personality type.




Most people are familiar with the terms extrovert and introvert. Most people assuming that being introverted means you’re shy and extroverted meaning you’re sociable. But that’s wrong. You can in fact be introverted and not be shy, and be extroverted and be shy. Extroversion and introversion are about how you feel energised. Simply put; introverts feel drain after being with people and need to be alone to “recharge”. Extroverts often feel restless from being alone and become more energised from being around people.




Back to the personality test. There’s a really good one here, which featured all the 16 personality types. My personality type is INFJ, the letters stand for introversion (I), intuition (N), feeling (F), and judgemental (J). It’s such a useful and fun test and I promise you will really recognise yourself in the description of the personality type. Let me know which personality type you are!



xx Rapunzel