On my wish list in February

January is over and February is here which means a post about what I want to do in February!


♥On my wish list..♥


  • Go to the gym. I finally found a gym that I can go to! I’m actually going to go there later today and I’ve decided to go there 2 times a week. As mentioned before I don’t have time to do anything else than be at work and travel to work on the days that I work, so going to the gym twice a week so work with my schedule. I’m excited to get stronger, and work on my stamina (which is definitely needed!).
  • Find a planner. I actually bought a really pretty planner the other day but when I got home and looked through it it didn’t have a proper calendar in it?! I was so confused, it looks amazing and have lots of cool sections but no calendar. And I can’t really plan my days without a calendar.. So am back to looking for one!
  • Making a few changes! I’ve been working on a few changes with the blog which will hopefully be revealed in the next few days:)
  • Wishing for warmer weather. It’s honestly been so cold lately so I’ve been wishing for spring to come early for a little while now. Please come soon spring!
  • To pack away my winter clothes. I’m so tired of big winter coats and woollen jumpers now. I want leather jackets and lots of spring colours!
  • And finally, Valentines! My love is out of the country on Valentines and I won’t see home for some time after which sucks. So there will be pizza, ice cream and a movie for me!


xx Rapunzel

Current interior obsessions

Hello everyone, I’ve started the week laying in bed with the flu so not the greatest start. Thankfully I have the day off work so I can spend the entire day in bed and rest and get better for tomorrow.

I wanted to quickly share one of my current interior obsessions at the moment. There’s a few things that I absolutely love and that I have seen a few places and I can’t get them out of my head. The first is a blue velvet sofa, more specifically royal blue. Just have a look.





I love the drama and elegance that it adds. It also means that everything else can easily stay quite understated and with toned down colours yet still look put together and stylish. I would love to have this in a more formal sitting room or a separate space, or even in a big office would be amazing.

The other item if I can call it that that I’ve been drooling over for quite some time now is quartz kitchen countertops. I know that marble is a real trend now and that all trends fade quickly, but I love the look of it. So why did I say I’ve been drooling over quartz and not marble? Simply, I’m just trying to be slightly practical and marble stains easily and I’m one of the clumsiest people I know. It’s not a good match. Quartz is a lot sturdier, marks and stains do not show up and you can get it in a marble effect that’s simply beautiful.




xx Rapunzel

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On my wish list in December



December is here! This is definitely the most cosy time of the year. I love the excitement and preparations for christmas. In fact, this month could just as well be “on my wish list for christmas”.


♥On my wish list for christmas♥


  • Going to Norway for Christmas. I’m going home for christmas and I’m so, so excited to see all my family and friends again! I’ve missed them so much and there’s a few faces I haven’t seen for a very long time and it’s been too long.
  • Snow. I’m hoping there’s going to be snow for christmas this year. Last year it started snowing on the 24th which was perfect and gave me the best christmas feeling.
  • Baking night. Every year for the last few years I’ve had a baking night with a few of my best friends just before christmas. We have christmas music, catch up and make loads of baked goods. We’re doing it again on the 22nd and I’m so excited!
  • Food. Okay, the older I get the more excited I get thinking of all the yummy christmas food.
  • Christmas eve. I love christmas eve so much! We open presents on the eve of the 24th in Norway and I love it as you have the whole day to build up.You wake up and spend the first few hours having an amazing christmas breakfast while wathcing the same christmas films on TV (a must), then you get all dressed up and ready for church, get back home and prepare for dinner, dinner, then open presents. I also love when I get my family something they really like, it’s the best feeling.
  • Watch christmas films. Add some cosy socks, a hot drink and snacks and I’m in heaven. On my must watch list is the Harry Potter films, Home Alone, Mickey Mouse, A christmas carol and a couple Norwegian classics.
  • Decorating the christmas tree. I love putting on some christmas music or a film and decorating the tree with my family. I’m a bit more excited about this then my other family members and there’s always a few disagreements and the tree is always a bit wonky but I still love it.



xx Rapunzel

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On my wish list in November



Welcome to my belated on my wish list post for November! I’m currently on holiday and I’m spending minimal time in front of my computer so naturally there have not been many updates and this post is quite delayed. But now it’s finally here!

As it’s already November 9th a lot has already happened and it’s been the most amazing month of this year so far. I’ve been spending the beginning of this month in Maui, Hawaii and I’m now in San Francisco until I will be flying back to London in a couple days. I’m going to be devastated to go back to reality but also happy to go back to London that is such a beautiful place in the autumn.


♣On my wish list in November♣


  • Christmas shopping. I’m determined to finish a lot of my Christmas shopping by the end of the month! London is the craziest place during December and I don’t want to be running around stressed and grumpy with all my Christmas shopping left.
  • Go for runs in the park. Oh my God, I have eaten on this holiday! I can’t wait to go back to running outside in my local park and hopefully feel a bit better and healthier.
  • Movie nights in. I need some move nights in with my boyfriend for this month. Light lots of candles; snuggle up on the sofa with blankets and a nice film. Pure bliss.
  • Go to the cinema and watch Fantastic beasts and where to find them. I love (loooove) Harry Potter and am beyond excited to watch a new J.K. Rowling story at the cinema!! Can’t wait!
  • Go for lots of walk followed with delicious hot drinks inside. This is the perfect time of the year for it, not too cold and not too hot. Bring a friend or a loved one!
  • Wish for snow? *fingerscrossed*






xx Rapunzel

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Fashion Friday: Over the knee boots









•Over the knee boots•


I’ve decided to make a Fashion Friday a thing –  every Friday I will dedicate a blog post to something I love in fashion. It could be a trend I’m loving or hating, an item that I’m dreaming about, or a staple fashion item that I want to talk about; like today.

Now, I know that I have already mentioned over the knee boots in my “what I want to do in October” post, but I’m obsessed with them and can’t mention them enough! I have two black pairs that I have worn so much the last 2-3 winters that stitching and heels have come loose. I’m not exaggerating when I say I wear them everyday for months –  so no wonder they’re a little worn.

My favourite boots for this season are the Adessi from Aldo, Dyna-U from Aldo, Beau from Schutz, Kent from Sam Edelman, Tamara from Schutz, Taliah from Dune and the Tommy boots from Dune. There’s currently also a sale on Shopbop where you can find amazing shoes, just a little tip!


xx Rapunzel

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On my wish list in August

It’s time for my post about what I want to do in August! August is my favourite month of the year as it’s my birthday month. But you also get lazy summer days while you get to be excited about the autumn and all that it has to bring.





♥ Going to Paris. IIiihh!! I’m so excited! This will be more first trip to Paris and I will be going this Friday and staying until Sunday.

♥ Getting more comfortable at work. My work can be psychologically demanding and if you make a mistake it can affect people. It’s a steep learning curve and I’m looking forward to becoming more confident in my role.

♥Autumn fashion. I think the shops will start bringing out the autumn collections in August? I’m not 100% certain but like so many other autumn fashion is my favourite and I cannot wait to see what the shops have to offer.

♥ Building on the two points above,getting my first pay check! Haha, this is always exciting and I’m going to be very excited about having getting paid after living rather frugally lately.

♥ Getting in to a routine. With a job were I don’t work normal working hours this becomes even more important, I don’t function without sleep and good nutrition so this is something I need to improve on.


xx Rapunzel

On my wish list in July

July, the ultimate summer month. Sunny lazy days, holidays, bikinis, fruity drinks and barbecues. But wait a minute, so far the weather has been cold, rainy and miserable! I do live in England after all, but this weather better change so I can get a nice tan. Here’s what I want to do in July

PicMonkey Collage

  • Move in to a new flat. I’m moving in just a few short days! I will be moving to a beautiful, leafy area of London which will be very exciting. I hate the whole moving process with packing up all my stuff as I have done that far too often the last 7 years,but fortunately I have the help of my boyfriend (and his car).
  • Start saving money. I will be starting my new job this month which I am beyond excited about. That means a stable income which means I can set up a budget which includes saving.
  • Sun tan in a park. London has a bounty of parks which I will definitely take advantage of should the weather behave. Pack your bikini, some food and drinks, a blanket and a book and you’re good to go!
  • Find a new running route. Many of the points in this points are linked with moving to  a new area, and therefore a few changes are needed. My current running route is along a canal, which is so peaceful and is going to be hard to beat.
  • Focus on my new job. As previously mentioned I will be starting a new job which I am so excited about. But it’s also going to be a huge change to my more than relaxed lifestyle the last few months which mean I’m probably going to be more tired than usual. But I definitely welcome the change!
  • Focus on this blog. I am just getting in to having this blog and I enjoy it more and more! It really is so much fun so this month I want to focus on how to make my blog look better and communicate more to other bloggers, I can’t wait 🙂


xx Rapunzel

On my wish list in June



I want to add a few regular posts that I will post on a monthly basis and I am starting with this one called “on my wish list in..”. This is going to be a mix of tips of what would be good to do that month, and things I want to achieve in that month. Let’s get to it!



  • Spend a day in the park. Bring sun tan lotion, snacks, a book, a blanket and maybe some days and spend a sunny day in the park. What could be better? Summer is short in England and I want to take advantage of every sunny that I can.


  • Have a barbecue. I love barbecues, they are sociable, lots of fun and consists of delicious food.


  • Get a pedicure. I am the worst at painting my nails! The get next to no attention and I really want to improve on this point. I’m thinking every shades of pink, white and soft blues.


  • Run outside once a week. As you can see, this month is mostly about exploiting the (hopefully) sunny and warm weather. I love to go for walks and runs, it clears my head, I get time for myself and of course the obvious health benefits are not bad.


  • Spend time with friends outside after work. I will be starting a new job this weekend and I can’t wait to spend the hours after work at a beer garden. The warm and sunny weather tends to make me want to be more sociable and spend as much time with my friends which is great for my mental health and obviously my friendships.


  • Travel. The summer is prime travel season and if you have the funds and time for it, you should absolutely go travel! Europe is great in the period June-August and I will be going to the south of Norway where there will hopefully be beautiful weather (yes, it does happen!)


  • Expand my salad making skills. In the summer I tend to crave light, fresh and cold food and I really want to take advantage of that and make yummy salads. I am not the greatest cook or someone who has daily salads so I can definitely improve on this point.



I hope you will have a great month!

xx Rapunzel

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