Beauty haul




Hello everyone! On payday I did some much needed shopping. In January my bank account has been looking rather skinny after all the holiday festivities so I was extremely excited to do some shopping.



I’ve been wanting to update my skin care routine and products for a little while now. At 25 the skin stops producing collagen and I’m not welcoming wrinkles anytime soon so I want to make sure that my skin is properly hydrated at treated at all times. I’ve been using micellar water since about the summer time and loving it, however, I’ve been noticing that my skin has been quite dry lately and having dry skin and not hydrating properly can lead to premature ageing of the skin which I definitely want to avoid. I got these products from Decleor which I have used before and I had honestly forgot how much I love. They’re so hydrating and gentle on skin and they smell like being in a spa. I have very sensitive skin and it gets red from anything but my skin definitely loves Decleor products because they are so delicate and gentle on skin.




I got this hair oil from  It feels and smells amazing, I’ve been using it after washing my hair and it feels really nice and light weight in my hair, and my dry  hair definitely needs some good oil. It contains three different oils and is free from silicon, definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a new hair oil!




Finally, I got two foundations. I haven’t gotten a new foundation after going to Hawaii in November and as my tanned has now sadly faded I had to get a new one. I ordered these two that have the same sponge application, from Loreal and Lancome. I’ve heard really  good things so I’m excited to try both!


xx Rapunzel

Make up addict




(Tarte tartlette tease palette, Hourglass seamless finish foundation stick, Kat Von D setting powder, Tarte Rainforest of the Sea concealer, Bobby Brown lip gloss in “buff”, Kat von D lipstick in “underage red”, Marc Jacobs lipgloss in “moonglow”)



I love makeup. I went in to Sephora a second time on my trip and went a bit crazy. I simply wanted everything I saw, especially the makeup and ended up buying a few things. It’s very rare that I spend a huge amount when I’m out shopping, but I did spend a fair amount this time and it was slightly scary but I love everything that I got. I especially love the hourglass foundation, it looks natural on the skin yet has a medium to full coverage and smooths out on the skin really easily. Both the lipstick and the setting powder from Kat Von D has amazing staying power so I will definitely buy more from her line. Especially as I’ve heard rumours that her line has been launch at Debenhams in the UK! Anyone knows if this is true?!


xx Rapunzel

Sephora haul



I’m in San Fransisco! We have now travelled from beautiful Maui and have spent a couple days in San Fransisco and will stay here a few more days until we go back to London. I’ll post a few in depth posts about both Maui and San Fransisco, but so far I have to be honest and say that Maui is definitely beating San Fransisco. Maybe not that surprising?

Anyway, I did a little shopping at Sephora the other day. For someone who is a massive beauty junky and has never shopped at Sephora this was very, very exciting! It was massive and I was so overwhelmed; I wanted to buy everything. But I was good and only got some necessities (mascara and makeup remover) and some fun skin care products from Tarte and masks from Sephora’s own brand. Can’t wait to do an at home spa night!





xx Rapunzel

Must watch YouTubers

I love watching YouTube videos when I’m relaxing. I have already made a post of my favourite YouTubers (here) but I wanted to do an update and ad a few that I love watching. Personally I like watching videos about makeup, fashion and vlogs. Personality is vital to whether I like watching someone or not, if it’s someone who acts a bit over the top, or alters their personality that usual shines through and they just come across as fake.


•Must watch YouTubers•




Suzie makes lifestyle, makeup and fashion videos. I love watching her hauls and her get ready with me videos as she edits them beautifully. Watch her get morning routine video or other get ready with me vidoes and you can really tell that she is talented at editing and filming. She has a really soothing voice which is nice to listen to and you can’t help but want to watch all her videos.






Victoria is currently my favourite person to watch when it comes to fashion. She even has a PhD in fashion and you can tell that she knows her stuff. She is the girl you want as your best friend and is another person that you can tell that she puts in a lot of work in her videos. She also has an amazing blog with the same name. I especially love her luxury looks for less videos!






I looove Tiffany’s interior hauls and vlogs! She originally started making beauty videos but later started doing vlogs and content on interior which I’m thrilled that she did. It’s often her vloggen from her home, the car with her daughter and husband and she makes everyday things like going to the shop enjoyable to watch. I think much of that is because she doesn’t pretend to be anyone else and she will give a detailed honest opinion about anything.


xx Rapunzel

Pictures HelloOctoberxo, IntheFrow, MakeupByTiffanyD


June make up haul



So, I’ve been extremely careful with my spending lately as cash has been spare and I have only been able to spend money on the essentials like food and bills. But! Finally, my situation has improved a bit and I have been able to spend on fun things, like makeup. Yey!! *screams*

So, without further ado, here is what I have bought over the last few weeks.



  • Lancome Hypnose Doll eyes mascara in black waterproof
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes eye liner
  • Stippling brush from a random brand
  • Maybelline The Blushed Nudes eyeshadow palette



  • KIKO Milano pencil lip gloss in 07
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation in 100 Ivory
  • Collection contour kit Highlight & sculpt
  • OPI nail varnish in Petal Soft


So, all together my buys have been drug store except for the Lancome mascara. It was all affordable and from not being able to spend money on money I have been very apprehensive on spending money on high end makeup just now. If you’re in a similar situation were you are not able to spend a lot of cash on makeup I would definitely recommend trying drug store makeup on most of your makeup and maybe keep one or two high end items like I have done with the Lancome mascara.


xx Rapunzel


Make up addict

I am so in love with everything that Too Faced has come out with lately. I am itching to buy absolutely everything, but I am trying (very, very hard) to use some self control. My bank account is happy, my heart is still sighing and lusting over the pretty packaging.



Picture from Tumblr

I am absolutely dying over this pretty eyeshadow palette! This is on the very top of my wish list, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Just look how cute it is, and peach coloured eyeshadow are just what I am craving this spring.

Some other goodies


Pictures from Tumblr 


Okay, I am putting everything on my wish list! One day, one day soon I will have you my beauties.


Have a wonderful day! xx