Current interior obsessions

Hello everyone, I’ve started the week laying in bed with the flu so not the greatest start. Thankfully I have the day off work so I can spend the entire day in bed and rest and get better for tomorrow.

I wanted to quickly share one of my current interior obsessions at the moment. There’s a few things that I absolutely love and that I have seen a few places and I can’t get them out of my head. The first is a blue velvet sofa, more specifically royal blue. Just have a look.





I love the drama and elegance that it adds. It also means that everything else can easily stay quite understated and with toned down colours yet still look put together and stylish. I would love to have this in a more formal sitting room or a separate space, or even in a big office would be amazing.

The other item if I can call it that that I’ve been drooling over for quite some time now is quartz kitchen countertops. I know that marble is a real trend now and that all trends fade quickly, but I love the look of it. So why did I say I’ve been drooling over quartz and not marble? Simply, I’m just trying to be slightly practical and marble stains easily and I’m one of the clumsiest people I know. It’s not a good match. Quartz is a lot sturdier, marks and stains do not show up and you can get it in a marble effect that’s simply beautiful.




xx Rapunzel

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Book recommendation: Elements of style






If you, like me, love interior design and decorating you’ll love this book. It is called “Elements of Style” by the amazing Erin Gates. I came across it randomly in a WHSmith and I actually wanted to buy it just based on the cover without actually knowing if it was good. I love a good black and white stripe anything so I was sold just then. However, it is amazing to read too. I read the entire thing in a couple days and then wanted to decorate every room in the house despite not having any money lol.

Okay, Erin ( actually also has a blog which I believe (if I’m not wrong) as a reason why she wrote this book. She is an interior designer and has her own business along with running her own very successful blog where she naturally writes about interior design, but also fashion, and her adorable baby boy Henry.

I’ve seen this book on top of so many tables in the background of so many Instagram and and blog photos. It’s basically a guide in how to decorate every room in your house mixed in with Erin’s personal stories. I love it and I’ll definitely re-read it when I need to go interior shopping for my future home. This would definitely be an amazing christmas present for anyone who loves interior design/decorating!


xx Rapunzel

How to: Christmassy Sunday








♥Some pyjama inspiration♥

  • Put on your most comfy Christmassy pyjamas
  • Put on some festive sheets and get in bed
  • Light a christmas candle (my one smells like cinnamon and christmas spices)
  • Get a hot drink
  • Put on a film that get’s you in the festive spirit, I chose Home Alone



This is how I’m spending my Sunday morning and I’m so content. I light all my christmas candles, I’m all snuggled up in my festive duvet and I’ve already had my breakfast. Definitely one of the best ways to spend a Sunday morning ♥


xx Rapunzel

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Decorating for Christmas

Hello! I’m in the Christmas spirit and if there’s one thing I wish I could do now it would be to decorate a big house for christmas. Lots of candles and blankets (as always) baubles, wreaths and garlands, christmas music playing and everywhere smelling of pine, orange and cinnamon.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who is renting and obsessed with interior design who is just dreaming about the day when you own your own home and you can do exactly what you want with it. I have also moved a ridiculous amount of times during the last 6 years which have meant that I don’t buy much decoration as it’s just such a hassle to pack and unpack all the time.

But to get back on topic! Decorating for Christmas. My mum would always make our home to so cosy and festive during December and it’s something that I’m looking forward to be able to doing too. I’ve gathered some inspiration for Pinterest so please enjoy!














Christmas is here♥



xx Rapunzel

Must watch YouTubers

I love watching YouTube videos when I’m relaxing. I have already made a post of my favourite YouTubers (here) but I wanted to do an update and ad a few that I love watching. Personally I like watching videos about makeup, fashion and vlogs. Personality is vital to whether I like watching someone or not, if it’s someone who acts a bit over the top, or alters their personality that usual shines through and they just come across as fake.


•Must watch YouTubers•




Suzie makes lifestyle, makeup and fashion videos. I love watching her hauls and her get ready with me videos as she edits them beautifully. Watch her get morning routine video or other get ready with me vidoes and you can really tell that she is talented at editing and filming. She has a really soothing voice which is nice to listen to and you can’t help but want to watch all her videos.






Victoria is currently my favourite person to watch when it comes to fashion. She even has a PhD in fashion and you can tell that she knows her stuff. She is the girl you want as your best friend and is another person that you can tell that she puts in a lot of work in her videos. She also has an amazing blog with the same name. I especially love her luxury looks for less videos!






I looove Tiffany’s interior hauls and vlogs! She originally started making beauty videos but later started doing vlogs and content on interior which I’m thrilled that she did. It’s often her vloggen from her home, the car with her daughter and husband and she makes everyday things like going to the shop enjoyable to watch. I think much of that is because she doesn’t pretend to be anyone else and she will give a detailed honest opinion about anything.


xx Rapunzel

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My dream home: Office

Okay, this one does depend on what type of job that I’m doing. In the job that I’m currently in a home office is not necessary. But keeping in mind what I want to do in the future I will need a home office and I truly do want one to.

I want it to be over the top girly, with lots of unnecessary decorations and stationary, simply because I love it. I want the main colours to be white, silver and  pink. I want some colourful pink pictures on the walls, a large desk that’s either all white or has a glass top.












I’m in love with these that I found on Pinterest and I would happily have any of these! After looking at lots of inspiration I know I’m going to need a soft carpet under my desk and chair, lots of pictures on the walls and good storage that also looks good. I love all the matching boxes in pictures 6 and 7. I also love anything stripes so that definitely needs to be incorporated somewhere.


xx  Rapunzel

My dream home: Sitting room

One room that I’m looking forward to decorating in the future is the sitting room. I want somewhere that is both cosy and stylish. I go back and forth about how I want the sitting room to look. I want somewhere really cosy where I can watch films on a big sofa but then I also want somewhere that looks pretty and have lots of beautiful decor. I also want a library in my perfect house, which would definitely be cosy and a very masculine design so I am toying with the a idea of having a more stylish sitting room because of that. I am nowhere near actually owning  a house, so having this dilemma is probably a bit premature. I can’t help myself!

In a perfect world I want a large fire, large windows from floor to ceiling and dark wooden floors. I have included some pictures of sitting rooms that are more formal because they look so beautiful and I use them for motivation. What I’m planning on doing to have the room as cosy as possible is include a large sofa, either a corner sofa or two smaller ones situated against walls. I big rug, lots of cushions and lots of lights and candles.












xx Rapunzel

My dream home

I’m constantly looking at anything house related. Viewing houses for sale, looking in shops and online at anything from sofas to towels. One of my dreams in life is to own a home. Somewhere that I can relax and really call home. I think that because I’ve moved so many times over the last few years that desire to have a home that is mine has just been intensified.

Ideally I want a project. Or to build a house. Both extremely stressful but I want something that is to my taste (and my boyfriend’s of course). I don’t want a house that has already been done up, to someone else’s taste. Frankly, the worse a house looks the more excited I get about how good it could look on the inside. The only requirements that I have are as follows

  • Large outside space
  • Good sized rooms
  • Large kitchen or the possibility for it to be a large kitchen
  • Beautiful exterior

The last point is very important to me. I want a home that looks beautiful and inviting from the outside. I love stone and I love a large front door area with big windows on either side. So, I’ve been collecting a few pictures from Pinterest to show how I would want the exterior to be, or similar too




xx Rapunzel

Home office ideas


Following my post about kitchen interior ideas, I wanted to write a post about another room I’m excited about decorating in my future home; my home office. Now, I have no idea what I will do career wise, but I do want a home office in the future. Preferably a room used as both an office and a closet. Why do I want an office when I might not even need one? I can only speculate, but I love the idea of having my own space that I can decorate completely to my own space and use. Something that is both beautiful and useful, sort of like a space where I can escape and be alone. My woman cave.


So, how would it look? I am thinking white base with details in glass, pink and silver. I want it to be girly, organised, but also homey and a comfortable space to be in.

These colours are absolutely stunning together.


They are also very in trend, however, I am more of a silver-girl, than gold.


Wow! So organised, so elegant yet girly and fun. I love this.


Want a more sophisticated look, then this might be for you. I love how put together this is, the red and gold details are planned perfectly and make this office space truly great.


Ahh, but I cant stop being exciting over the more girly office style. Being a sophisticated grown up has to wait another few years! I’m definitely going to put some pictured up like in the photo above.


Cute desk accessories and flowers are a must.

658d142f4220861156b93b3bc0b1b519Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

A carpet can really make a room and adds to the cosy and homey feeling of a room. The carpets in the above pictures are absolutely gorgeous, and I can imagine very soft on your feet! The striped wall is also divine, especially for me who loves everything with stripes.

I hope you find some inspiration, especially if you’re also dreaming about your own home office.

Have an amazing day!

xx Rapunzel


All pictures found on Pinterest