Style makeover

Lately I’ve been a bit sick of my clothes and how I dress. I want a new change and I want to alter my fashion sense a bit. I wear mainly black, white, beige/brown and some dark blue. I don’t mind that at all, I love those colours and I do add splashes of more exciting colours so I want to continue with my colour palette. I want to change the types of clothing that I wear though. I’m very much about comfort and I want to add my elegance, sleek lines and good cuts into my closet. I’ve been living in cosy jumpers and jeans lately and as much as it is so comfy, I want to make more of an effort, to try and change up my look a bit and look more polished. So I’ve gathered some inspiration of looks that I really love, I hope you enjoy:)











xx Rapunzel



How to: Christmassy Sunday








♥Some pyjama inspiration♥

  • Put on your most comfy Christmassy pyjamas
  • Put on some festive sheets and get in bed
  • Light a christmas candle (my one smells like cinnamon and christmas spices)
  • Get a hot drink
  • Put on a film that get’s you in the festive spirit, I chose Home Alone



This is how I’m spending my Sunday morning and I’m so content. I light all my christmas candles, I’m all snuggled up in my festive duvet and I’ve already had my breakfast. Definitely one of the best ways to spend a Sunday morning ♥


xx Rapunzel

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How to dress for Christmas

It’s almost Christmas time! For me I consider Christmas to start on the 1st of December. I love the build up and the excitement of the big day and therefore I think the whole of December is just magical. What to wear is always a bit of a struggle though. I like dressing up but with the amount of food that everyone consumes at this time you don’t want to be wearing something too tight and uncomfortable. I have created 3 looks that I think are perfect for Christmas (pluss a bonus one that I love).




Elegant and classy. You can’t go wrong with a red dress for christmas♣



Perfect outfit for the christmas party. Little black dress with pink/nude details ♥


If you’re feeling bold, try adding some sparkle and gold for the festive season♣


When you’re tired, eaten too much and walked around in heels for too long it’s time to put your christmas pyjamas on♥


xx Rapunzel


Fashion Friday: Over the knee boots









•Over the knee boots•


I’ve decided to make a Fashion Friday a thing –  every Friday I will dedicate a blog post to something I love in fashion. It could be a trend I’m loving or hating, an item that I’m dreaming about, or a staple fashion item that I want to talk about; like today.

Now, I know that I have already mentioned over the knee boots in my “what I want to do in October” post, but I’m obsessed with them and can’t mention them enough! I have two black pairs that I have worn so much the last 2-3 winters that stitching and heels have come loose. I’m not exaggerating when I say I wear them everyday for months –  so no wonder they’re a little worn.

My favourite boots for this season are the Adessi from Aldo, Dyna-U from Aldo, Beau from Schutz, Kent from Sam Edelman, Tamara from Schutz, Taliah from Dune and the Tommy boots from Dune. There’s currently also a sale on Shopbop where you can find amazing shoes, just a little tip!


xx Rapunzel

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Must watch YouTubers

I love watching YouTube videos when I’m relaxing. I have already made a post of my favourite YouTubers (here) but I wanted to do an update and ad a few that I love watching. Personally I like watching videos about makeup, fashion and vlogs. Personality is vital to whether I like watching someone or not, if it’s someone who acts a bit over the top, or alters their personality that usual shines through and they just come across as fake.


•Must watch YouTubers•




Suzie makes lifestyle, makeup and fashion videos. I love watching her hauls and her get ready with me videos as she edits them beautifully. Watch her get morning routine video or other get ready with me vidoes and you can really tell that she is talented at editing and filming. She has a really soothing voice which is nice to listen to and you can’t help but want to watch all her videos.






Victoria is currently my favourite person to watch when it comes to fashion. She even has a PhD in fashion and you can tell that she knows her stuff. She is the girl you want as your best friend and is another person that you can tell that she puts in a lot of work in her videos. She also has an amazing blog with the same name. I especially love her luxury looks for less videos!






I looove Tiffany’s interior hauls and vlogs! She originally started making beauty videos but later started doing vlogs and content on interior which I’m thrilled that she did. It’s often her vloggen from her home, the car with her daughter and husband and she makes everyday things like going to the shop enjoyable to watch. I think much of that is because she doesn’t pretend to be anyone else and she will give a detailed honest opinion about anything.


xx Rapunzel

Pictures HelloOctoberxo, IntheFrow, MakeupByTiffanyD


Get ready for school: backpack edition

I’m still feeling horrible. Being at work has only made this cold worse and now my body has had enough. Thankfully I have the day off to just stay in bed and let my body the get rest it needs. And do some much longed after blogging!

Since school is about to start for many it I really wanted to do at least one post about getting ready for school. This is the first year since I was the age of six that I am not going in to a new school  year. I’m not sure how I feel about it to be honest. On one side I do like obviously having an income, learning a lot that can not be learnt through books and not have any assignments. On the other side I have days were I miss being a student. Even the long nights stressing about finishing an assignment that I had been procrastinating on is remember with rose tinted glasses. I love learning, I actually loved (mostly, let’s be honest) lectures and the whole process of getting yourself a degree. I was lucky in that I studied a subject that I was very passionate about and I do hope that I will return to university to complete another degree to finish the path I have started.

To stop this rambling and get to the point, here are items that I would purchase if I was going back to school.



  1. Day & Mood Clive Leather Flap Backpack
  2. Fjall Raven Women 18l Kanken Backpack

  3. Burberry Ll Rucksack Bag 

  4. SheIn(sheinside) Striped Canvas Backpack

  5. Patagonia Arbor Pack 26L

  6. The North Face Women’s Borealis Backpacks

  7. Jessica Simpson Nantucket Orange Cinch Pack

  8. Yoins Textured Leather-look Backpack in Moss with Tassel


I’m going to be really old and boring here and say that you need a backpack/rucksack for school. Honestly, you’ll be able to fit so much more stuff in there and carry it with more ease. Personally I had a blue North Face rucksack that made me look like the biggest geek but I truly didn’t care as I was able to bring so much with me without ruining my back. Some of the bags above are more inspiration than anything else. Obviously I don’t expect anyone to buy a £840 rucksack to wear to school, that’s just plain silly! But use it as inspiration, and there will be lots of look-a-likes at places such as Asos.

I’ll add at least one other post on getting ready for school, focusing on other things besides backpacks.


xx Rapunzel

Bag reveal Saint Laurent Sac Monogramme

This is so unreal for me. I knew I was getting this bag, but it still didn’t feel like reality. I have always loved fashion, and especially bags and shoes. Saint Laurent is one of my favourite brands when it comes to bags and shoes and I had been dreaming about this bag in particular for years. I have a few bags that are on my wish list and that I am going to get myself, it is this one a Chanel classic flap and a Hermes Birkin. All ridicolously expensive bags but I love having rewards and something that I can use to make myself work harder. I know that if I tell myself that what I am doing now is hard, I’m so tired and everything seems so far away, it does help to know that eventually I will get where I want. The bags are not my goals, just to put that out there. They are simply a reward, a sign of my hard work and that I have gotten where I wanted. Now, this bag was a gift and not one that I paid for myself. I feel extremely lucky and everyone have been beyond generous on my 25th birthday and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. So without further ado, here is the beauty!

I got this beautiful box to store it in and keep it safe

And here is the beauty! This is one of the most beautiful bags in the world to me. It is the Saint Laurent Sac Monogramme in black snake skin leather with the silver hard ware. I have already worn in out a couple times and I absolutely adore it, it’s like my little baby. It makes every outfit look more fashionable and expensive and I actual wore it with a £3 skirt from Zara and felt amazing. 
Xx Rapunzel 

London shopping guide


I have lived in London for 5 years, and I thought it would be a really good idea to a few London guides! London gets masses of tourists every year, and I completely understand why. The shopping is excellent, the food is outstanding and the parks and history is breathtaking. It is almost impossible to be bored in London and you can do a number of things on any budget. For the first guide I am focusing on where to shop in London.

Regent street

Now, I think I can safely say that most people who are going on a shopping trip to London would go to Oxford street. I would recommend to avoid Oxford street. It is cramped with people and you will find all the shops in the street several other places. If you want to be in the Oxford street area, try Regent street that lays parallel to it! I know that many want to visit Primark when they go to London, in my opinion you can easily skip it. The clothes will not last you long due to the quality and there are I would rather visit H&M, Next, or New Look if you are on a budget.

  • Where: Take the Piccadilly line to Piccadilly circus and work your way up, or the Victoria Line/Central line to Oxford circus and work your way down to Piccadilly circus.

Westfield shopping centre

Westfield is an American shopping centre chain that is situated in two locations in London; Stratford and Shepherd’s Bush. I would recommend the one at Shepherd’s Bush, purely because I like the layout and selection of shops at that one compared to the one at Stratford. It’s a big, clean shopping centre from shops like H&M to Louise Vuitton, something for everyone.

  • Where: You either take the central line and stop at Shepherd’s Bush, or take Hammersmith and central line/Circle line and stop at Wood Lane or Shepherd’s Market.



Bond street/New Bond street
If you have some spending money I would recommend going to Bond street. It’s designer shop after designer shop, it’s relatively quiet and very beautiful. Victoria’s Secret can also be found here, but remember to go early as it often gets cramped throughout the day.



  • Where: Take the Central line at stop at Bond street, you will end up in Oxford street but go around the corner and you will find Bond street.


Selfridges/Harrods/Harvey Nichols


Selfridges is situated at the Marble Arch end of Oxford street. It is a massive beautiful building with fashion, make up, jewellery, food, furniture, everything that you can think if really. It is similar to Harrods and Harvey Nichols, they all have the same concept, it is not necessary to visit all of them in my opinion, just chose the one that is easiest for you to get to. If you have a high budget and want to splash on designer items either of these places are good to visit. I prefer Selfridges as I like the layout better, it is more organised and there are slightly less people there.

  • Where: Take the Central Line and stop at Marble Arch or Bond street for Selfridges. Take the Piccadilly Line to Knightsbridge for Harvey Nichols and Harrods, they are situated next to each other.



To end this, I would recommend going as early in the day as possible as there are always a lot of people shopping no matter what time of the year. Most shops open at 10 am, so aim to go out then. I would also recommend to go for lots of food and drink breaks to rest your feet and refuel. A food guide is coming up!

Enjoy your London stay!

xx Rapunzel