Beauty haul




Hello everyone! On payday I did some much needed shopping. In January my bank account has been looking rather skinny after all the holiday festivities so I was extremely excited to do some shopping.



I’ve been wanting to update my skin care routine and products for a little while now. At 25 the skin stops producing collagen and I’m not welcoming wrinkles anytime soon so I want to make sure that my skin is properly hydrated at treated at all times. I’ve been using micellar water since about the summer time and loving it, however, I’ve been noticing that my skin has been quite dry lately and having dry skin and not hydrating properly can lead to premature ageing of the skin which I definitely want to avoid. I got these products from Decleor which I have used before and I had honestly forgot how much I love. They’re so hydrating and gentle on skin and they smell like being in a spa. I have very sensitive skin and it gets red from anything but my skin definitely loves Decleor products because they are so delicate and gentle on skin.




I got this hair oil from  It feels and smells amazing, I’ve been using it after washing my hair and it feels really nice and light weight in my hair, and my dry  hair definitely needs some good oil. It contains three different oils and is free from silicon, definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a new hair oil!




Finally, I got two foundations. I haven’t gotten a new foundation after going to Hawaii in November and as my tanned has now sadly faded I had to get a new one. I ordered these two that have the same sponge application, from Loreal and Lancome. I’ve heard really  good things so I’m excited to try both!


xx Rapunzel