On my wish list in February

January is over and February is here which means a post about what I want to do in February!


♥On my wish list..♥


  • Go to the gym. I finally found a gym that I can go to! I’m actually going to go there later today and I’ve decided to go there 2 times a week. As mentioned before I don’t have time to do anything else than be at work and travel to work on the days that I work, so going to the gym twice a week so work with my schedule. I’m excited to get stronger, and work on my stamina (which is definitely needed!).
  • Find a planner. I actually bought a really pretty planner the other day but when I got home and looked through it it didn’t have a proper calendar in it?! I was so confused, it looks amazing and have lots of cool sections but no calendar. And I can’t really plan my days without a calendar.. So am back to looking for one!
  • Making a few changes! I’ve been working on a few changes with the blog which will hopefully be revealed in the next few days:)
  • Wishing for warmer weather. It’s honestly been so cold lately so I’ve been wishing for spring to come early for a little while now. Please come soon spring!
  • To pack away my winter clothes. I’m so tired of big winter coats and woollen jumpers now. I want leather jackets and lots of spring colours!
  • And finally, Valentines! My love is out of the country on Valentines and I won’t see home for some time after which sucks. So there will be pizza, ice cream and a movie for me!


xx Rapunzel

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