Read more books






Read more books

One thing I would love to do more this year is to read more books. I love reading, I love getting engulfed into another world, to forget where I am and just live through the story I’m reading. Books can take you to so many places, I feel like I have lived so many lives, been on so many adventures, learnt so much from who are different from me; just from reading books.

From someone who grew up reading the Harry Potter books and was absolutely obsessed with the wizarding world, I’m a great fan of Emma Watson. I loved her as Hermione Granger and loved that she shares so many characteristics of her Hermione; such as reading. I actually found out that GoodReads have posted Emma Watson’s year in books on their site and I loved that concept! I want to have a look at a few of the books that she’s read (definitely picking up Beyond Words: What animals think and feel!). I mainly read fiction but would love to explore some non-fiction this year too.

Oh, and I can’t wait to see the new Beauty and the Beast film that’s coming out now!


xx Rapunzel


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