My New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year again, everyone! I’m one of those people who love a new start. I love the chance of starting fresh, of making new goals and commitment and the excitement of it all. Even though there’s nothing stopping anyone from starting to work on their new goals on a regular Thursday, there’s something a lot more exciting about the start of a whole new year. 365 days where you have the chance of deciding how you want them to be.

However, don’t make your resolutions too difficult! It’s so easy to try to much, to make your goals so big that they are frankly not achievable. And you just end up feeling devastated when you’re not able to reach your goal. I know I have done that several times in the past! I want my goals to be obtainable, and bring me closer to my life values. Saying I’m going to work out 7 days a week or never eat chocolate again is just pointless for me. Saying I want to work out 2 times a week and maybe half my chocolate intake is a lot more realistic.






New Year’s Resolutions

  • My number one resolution is to handle set backs better. I can often be an all or nothing person. I’m very good at giving up on something if I have made a small mistake, such as just wait until next Monday to eat better if I eat a chocolate on Wednesday (don’t think I’m alone here?! hopefully, haha). If it is something that affects someone else I tend to be committed to the end goal, if it’s something that only affects me then not so much. So this year I want to practise getting back on the horse, because I know I will have set backs. And that’s okay!Get back in to pilates.
  • This is something I have been talking about forever, but have yet to do. I love pilates and I have never tried anything that builds up my core strength faster and better than this. I’m very excited about this one!
  • Improve this blog. I want to take better picture, improve my editing and take different pictures! I want this blog to look and be the way that I can imagine that it could. It takes a lot of effort and work, but I want to make it better. I’ve got Photoshop and Lightroom so I’m looking for something that watch/learn how to use this better. Anyone who has any tips?
  • Organise my time better. In the last 6 months I haven’t been very happy with the way I have managed my time. Because I have very long workdays I need to manage my time well as I don’t actually have time to do anything else, which makes it difficult to for example blog. But I’m going to view it as a challenge instead of a problem. Practice makes perfect:)
  • Continue saving. This is something that I think I’ve been good at in the last part of 2016. I’ve been fairly good at managing my money, and prioritise what to spend on and save 10% of my monthly income. The best tip I have for this is to move either a set % or set amount into a savings account on the day you get paid, don’t wait until the end of the month because you’ll just feel like you can’t afford to set anything away.
  • Cook more and try more new recipes. I have absolutely been neglecting cooking in the last few years. Being a student and only have myself to cook for has for me only meant to I have gotten worse and worse at cooking. I got a recipe book for Christmas and I’m very excited to try some of the recipes and hopefully improve my cooking skills.


xx Rapunzel

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