Book recommendation: Elements of style






If you, like me, love interior design and decorating you’ll love this book. It is called “Elements of Style” by the amazing Erin Gates. I came across it randomly in a WHSmith and I actually wanted to buy it just based on the cover without actually knowing if it was good. I love a good black and white stripe anything so I was sold just then. However, it is amazing to read too. I read the entire thing in a couple days and then wanted to decorate every room in the house despite not having any money lol.

Okay, Erin ( actually also has a blog which I believe (if I’m not wrong) as a reason why she wrote this book. She is an interior designer and has her own business along with running her own very successful blog where she naturally writes about interior design, but also fashion, and her adorable baby boy Henry.

I’ve seen this book on top of so many tables in the background of so many Instagram and and blog photos. It’s basically a guide in how to decorate every room in your house mixed in with Erin’s personal stories. I love it and I’ll definitely re-read it when I need to go interior shopping for my future home. This would definitely be an amazing christmas present for anyone who loves interior design/decorating!


xx Rapunzel

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