Just an everyday update

♥Very tired but loving the filter♥

So, I’ve been contemplating whether to upload this or not. I can’t think of a single thing to write about. Not one. My mind is completely blank and I’m just tired lately. Not tired of writing, just tired in general. It’s a combination of it being this time of the year when it’s dark and cold and also having really stressful and hard days at work that are simply taking all my energy.

I’ve been wondering whether I should do a post saying that I’m not going to update until I have a camera that I can take some decent pictures with. But I’ve decided against it. There’s probably always going to be reasons for me to want to postpone or procrastinate with this blog, as with many things in life. And personally I enjoy reading blogs that the blogger updates frequently and doesn’t take long breaks. Too me it doesn’t really matter that much that the picture quality isn’t that great and that the writing style isn’t phenomenal. For me I still like reading about whatever people decided to share. So I’m deciding to post this with a simple snapchat selfie, as this is my reality and life right now 🙂


xx Rapunzel

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