What’s your personality type



Okay, I’m a bit surprised I haven’t blogged about this before because I’ve told several people in my life about it. I’m taking about taking a personality type test. As someone who’s studied psychology, I got to learn about personality types and taken a test to find out my own personality. I think I have taken the personality test about 3 times and I always get the same answer so I’m fairly sure I know my personality type.




Most people are familiar with the terms extrovert and introvert. Most people assuming that being introverted means you’re shy and extroverted meaning you’re sociable. But that’s wrong. You can in fact be introverted and not be shy, and be extroverted and be shy. Extroversion and introversion are about how you feel energised. Simply put; introverts feel drain after being with people and need to be alone to “recharge”. Extroverts often feel restless from being alone and become more energised from being around people.




Back to the personality test. There’s a really good one here, which featured all the 16 personality types. My personality type is INFJ, the letters stand for introversion (I), intuition (N), feeling (F), and judgemental (J). It’s such a useful and fun test and I promise you will really recognise yourself in the description of the personality type. Let me know which personality type you are!



xx Rapunzel

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