What to do in London in December

I both love and hate London in December. It can be the most magical place, lots of christmas markets, frosty cold air and every street is decorated for christmas. The only problem is, because it is so amazing, it seems like the entire world has decided it wants to visit London for christmas which mean you can’t move anywhere. So, if you have already planned a visit to London for the christmas month here are a few tips on what to do.





  • Hyde park Winter Wonderland. This is the biggest christmas market that I have ever been too. You could spend a whole day here and not be able to see all of it. It is a must see in my opinion but I do have a couple tips so you’ll make it out of the market alive. Go during the day time. It’s stunning in the evening but try going in the day time and it won’t be as crowded. Don’t go on the evenings. Saturday’s and Sunday’s in December are absolutely packed. If you’re here on a weekend in December I would avoid any touristy places as you’ll hardly be able to move, go on a weekday instead!
  • Christmas shopping. Okay, I know many people travel to London to do their christmas shopping. London has so many great shopping opportunities so it’s completely understandable. My advice is however to not do all your shopping on Oxford street. I have seen people actually queuing outside the shops because it’s so crowded. I would advice going to other shopping areas such as Westfield Stratford or Shepherd’s Bush, or go either early or late in the day if you need/want to do your shopping on Oxford street.
  • Afternoon tea. You should absolutely make time for afternoon tea in December. All the hotels are decked out for christmas and it’s simply the most amazing atmosphere. I have to make a confession and say I have never had afternoon tea in London! But most hotels offer it, simply choose a hotel you like the look of. If there’s a hotel that’s out of your budget to stay at, having afternoon tea is a great way to spend some time in the hotel. Just check if there’s a dress code (some don’t accept jeans, trainers, etc.).
  • Ice skating. This is on my list to do every December and every year I somehow run out of time! Anyway, if you’re here you should definitely try it. I know they have it at the Natural History museum in South Kensington and Somerset House by Embankment.


xx Rapunzel

Pictures from Pinterest

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