On my wish list in December



December is here! This is definitely the most cosy time of the year. I love the excitement and preparations for christmas. In fact, this month could just as well be “on my wish list for christmas”.


♥On my wish list for christmas♥


  • Going to Norway for Christmas. I’m going home for christmas and I’m so, so excited to see all my family and friends again! I’ve missed them so much and there’s a few faces I haven’t seen for a very long time and it’s been too long.
  • Snow. I’m hoping there’s going to be snow for christmas this year. Last year it started snowing on the 24th which was perfect and gave me the best christmas feeling.
  • Baking night. Every year for the last few years I’ve had a baking night with a few of my best friends just before christmas. We have christmas music, catch up and make loads of baked goods. We’re doing it again on the 22nd and I’m so excited!
  • Food. Okay, the older I get the more excited I get thinking of all the yummy christmas food.
  • Christmas eve. I love christmas eve so much! We open presents on the eve of the 24th in Norway and I love it as you have the whole day to build up.You wake up and spend the first few hours having an amazing christmas breakfast while wathcing the same christmas films on TV (a must), then you get all dressed up and ready for church, get back home and prepare for dinner, dinner, then open presents. I also love when I get my family something they really like, it’s the best feeling.
  • Watch christmas films. Add some cosy socks, a hot drink and snacks and I’m in heaven. On my must watch list is the Harry Potter films, Home Alone, Mickey Mouse, A christmas carol and a couple Norwegian classics.
  • Decorating the christmas tree. I love putting on some christmas music or a film and decorating the tree with my family. I’m a bit more excited about this then my other family members and there’s always a few disagreements and the tree is always a bit wonky but I still love it.



xx Rapunzel

Pictures from Pinterest

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