Christmas snaps

I’m back at work after an amazing Christmas holiday with my family in Norway. I spent the time just completely relaxing, eating loads of delicious food, watching Christmas films, cuddling my dog and spending time with family and friends. 
I’m so excited for what the new year brings. 2016 has been both a difficult and amazing year. Difficult because of all the horrible things that’s happening in the world and struggles in my personal life. Amazing because I’ve moved forward career wise, my relationships is stronger than ever, I’ve travelled lots and I feel like I’m in a good place in life. I’m so excited for this new year and all it has to bring. I’m hoping for a couple positive changes that I’ve been dreaming about for a little while and hopefully they will happen soon.
A happy new year to all! ❤️

Xx Rapunzel 

Book recommendation: Elements of style






If you, like me, love interior design and decorating you’ll love this book. It is called “Elements of Style” by the amazing Erin Gates. I came across it randomly in a WHSmith and I actually wanted to buy it just based on the cover without actually knowing if it was good. I love a good black and white stripe anything so I was sold just then. However, it is amazing to read too. I read the entire thing in a couple days and then wanted to decorate every room in the house despite not having any money lol.

Okay, Erin ( actually also has a blog which I believe (if I’m not wrong) as a reason why she wrote this book. She is an interior designer and has her own business along with running her own very successful blog where she naturally writes about interior design, but also fashion, and her adorable baby boy Henry.

I’ve seen this book on top of so many tables in the background of so many Instagram and and blog photos. It’s basically a guide in how to decorate every room in your house mixed in with Erin’s personal stories. I love it and I’ll definitely re-read it when I need to go interior shopping for my future home. This would definitely be an amazing christmas present for anyone who loves interior design/decorating!


xx Rapunzel

Just an everyday update

♥Very tired but loving the filter♥

So, I’ve been contemplating whether to upload this or not. I can’t think of a single thing to write about. Not one. My mind is completely blank and I’m just tired lately. Not tired of writing, just tired in general. It’s a combination of it being this time of the year when it’s dark and cold and also having really stressful and hard days at work that are simply taking all my energy.

I’ve been wondering whether I should do a post saying that I’m not going to update until I have a camera that I can take some decent pictures with. But I’ve decided against it. There’s probably always going to be reasons for me to want to postpone or procrastinate with this blog, as with many things in life. And personally I enjoy reading blogs that the blogger updates frequently and doesn’t take long breaks. Too me it doesn’t really matter that much that the picture quality isn’t that great and that the writing style isn’t phenomenal. For me I still like reading about whatever people decided to share. So I’m deciding to post this with a simple snapchat selfie, as this is my reality and life right now 🙂


xx Rapunzel

How to: Christmassy Sunday








♥Some pyjama inspiration♥

  • Put on your most comfy Christmassy pyjamas
  • Put on some festive sheets and get in bed
  • Light a christmas candle (my one smells like cinnamon and christmas spices)
  • Get a hot drink
  • Put on a film that get’s you in the festive spirit, I chose Home Alone



This is how I’m spending my Sunday morning and I’m so content. I light all my christmas candles, I’m all snuggled up in my festive duvet and I’ve already had my breakfast. Definitely one of the best ways to spend a Sunday morning ♥


xx Rapunzel

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What’s your personality type



Okay, I’m a bit surprised I haven’t blogged about this before because I’ve told several people in my life about it. I’m taking about taking a personality type test. As someone who’s studied psychology, I got to learn about personality types and taken a test to find out my own personality. I think I have taken the personality test about 3 times and I always get the same answer so I’m fairly sure I know my personality type.




Most people are familiar with the terms extrovert and introvert. Most people assuming that being introverted means you’re shy and extroverted meaning you’re sociable. But that’s wrong. You can in fact be introverted and not be shy, and be extroverted and be shy. Extroversion and introversion are about how you feel energised. Simply put; introverts feel drain after being with people and need to be alone to “recharge”. Extroverts often feel restless from being alone and become more energised from being around people.




Back to the personality test. There’s a really good one here, which featured all the 16 personality types. My personality type is INFJ, the letters stand for introversion (I), intuition (N), feeling (F), and judgemental (J). It’s such a useful and fun test and I promise you will really recognise yourself in the description of the personality type. Let me know which personality type you are!



xx Rapunzel

What to do in London in December

I both love and hate London in December. It can be the most magical place, lots of christmas markets, frosty cold air and every street is decorated for christmas. The only problem is, because it is so amazing, it seems like the entire world has decided it wants to visit London for christmas which mean you can’t move anywhere. So, if you have already planned a visit to London for the christmas month here are a few tips on what to do.





  • Hyde park Winter Wonderland. This is the biggest christmas market that I have ever been too. You could spend a whole day here and not be able to see all of it. It is a must see in my opinion but I do have a couple tips so you’ll make it out of the market alive. Go during the day time. It’s stunning in the evening but try going in the day time and it won’t be as crowded. Don’t go on the evenings. Saturday’s and Sunday’s in December are absolutely packed. If you’re here on a weekend in December I would avoid any touristy places as you’ll hardly be able to move, go on a weekday instead!
  • Christmas shopping. Okay, I know many people travel to London to do their christmas shopping. London has so many great shopping opportunities so it’s completely understandable. My advice is however to not do all your shopping on Oxford street. I have seen people actually queuing outside the shops because it’s so crowded. I would advice going to other shopping areas such as Westfield Stratford or Shepherd’s Bush, or go either early or late in the day if you need/want to do your shopping on Oxford street.
  • Afternoon tea. You should absolutely make time for afternoon tea in December. All the hotels are decked out for christmas and it’s simply the most amazing atmosphere. I have to make a confession and say I have never had afternoon tea in London! But most hotels offer it, simply choose a hotel you like the look of. If there’s a hotel that’s out of your budget to stay at, having afternoon tea is a great way to spend some time in the hotel. Just check if there’s a dress code (some don’t accept jeans, trainers, etc.).
  • Ice skating. This is on my list to do every December and every year I somehow run out of time! Anyway, if you’re here you should definitely try it. I know they have it at the Natural History museum in South Kensington and Somerset House by Embankment.


xx Rapunzel

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Decorating for Christmas

Hello! I’m in the Christmas spirit and if there’s one thing I wish I could do now it would be to decorate a big house for christmas. Lots of candles and blankets (as always) baubles, wreaths and garlands, christmas music playing and everywhere smelling of pine, orange and cinnamon.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who is renting and obsessed with interior design who is just dreaming about the day when you own your own home and you can do exactly what you want with it. I have also moved a ridiculous amount of times during the last 6 years which have meant that I don’t buy much decoration as it’s just such a hassle to pack and unpack all the time.

But to get back on topic! Decorating for Christmas. My mum would always make our home to so cosy and festive during December and it’s something that I’m looking forward to be able to doing too. I’ve gathered some inspiration for Pinterest so please enjoy!














Christmas is here♥



xx Rapunzel

On my wish list in December



December is here! This is definitely the most cosy time of the year. I love the excitement and preparations for christmas. In fact, this month could just as well be “on my wish list for christmas”.


♥On my wish list for christmas♥


  • Going to Norway for Christmas. I’m going home for christmas and I’m so, so excited to see all my family and friends again! I’ve missed them so much and there’s a few faces I haven’t seen for a very long time and it’s been too long.
  • Snow. I’m hoping there’s going to be snow for christmas this year. Last year it started snowing on the 24th which was perfect and gave me the best christmas feeling.
  • Baking night. Every year for the last few years I’ve had a baking night with a few of my best friends just before christmas. We have christmas music, catch up and make loads of baked goods. We’re doing it again on the 22nd and I’m so excited!
  • Food. Okay, the older I get the more excited I get thinking of all the yummy christmas food.
  • Christmas eve. I love christmas eve so much! We open presents on the eve of the 24th in Norway and I love it as you have the whole day to build up.You wake up and spend the first few hours having an amazing christmas breakfast while wathcing the same christmas films on TV (a must), then you get all dressed up and ready for church, get back home and prepare for dinner, dinner, then open presents. I also love when I get my family something they really like, it’s the best feeling.
  • Watch christmas films. Add some cosy socks, a hot drink and snacks and I’m in heaven. On my must watch list is the Harry Potter films, Home Alone, Mickey Mouse, A christmas carol and a couple Norwegian classics.
  • Decorating the christmas tree. I love putting on some christmas music or a film and decorating the tree with my family. I’m a bit more excited about this then my other family members and there’s always a few disagreements and the tree is always a bit wonky but I still love it.



xx Rapunzel

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