How to pack for long flights 

If you’re doing a long flight you want to be as comfortable as possible. You’re going to be doing a lot of waiting and sitting down and want to be as comfortable and rested as you can.

I was able to fit everything that I needed in to one bag which I recommend. Carrying lots of bag around when you’re travelling just makes you grumpy and it’s always annoying to see those people who are taking up everyones storage space on the flight because they decided to had to bring 3 massive bags.






I wouldn’t say no to be back here ♥


  1. Choose a bag that feels comfortable carrying and that has smart storage that means that you find everything quickly. You don’t want to be pulling everything out of your bag because you can’t find your passport. I chose my very well used and loved tote bag from Michael Kors. I use it for everything because it fits so much and in my opinion it is a pretty bag. I’ve actually used it so much over the years that the handles are all worn and it needs to be retired soon but it definitely does its job! It’s got two small pockets for you phone(s), a pocket with a zip that perfectly fits a MacBook air, a small pocket with a zip that I usually use for lipgloss, gum, etc, a pocket for my wallet and passport and a holder for your keys.
  2. Entertainment. On most long haul flights have the opportunity to watch films now, which is a lifesaver. But it’s also a good idea to download a film or two on your Ipad just in case. I also always bring a good book which I’m excited to read as I can easily read for a couple hours and it will just make the time go past so much quicker. Bring good headphones for films and music!
  3. Comfy clothes. If I’m going to be in the air for several hours I need to be comfortable. Fashion is not my top priority, I would rather be comfortable and rested. Wear soft trousers, comfortable shoes and nothing that’s going to be too tight or squeeze you in the wrong places. I try to bring a soft long cardigan that I can wrap around me and I always bring a big scarf with me on every flight. I use it to wrap around me if I’m cold, as a pillow or to cover my eyes if I want to sleep.
  4. Snacks and water. It’s always a good idea to bring some good snacks and water so you’re hydrated and don’t end up starving and grumpy. Drinking lots of water prevents you from becoming bloated and is also good for your skin as the air condition will make your skin dry.
  5. Makeup and skin care. Bring a few makeup and skin care items that you’re allowed in your carry on and you can apply during the flight. I wont do a full face of makeup before the flight as I will always try to sleep and your skin also becomes very dry. A good idea is to bring travelled sized moisturiser/makeup wipes/hydrating spray that you can use at the end of the flight. I would also bring a sheet mask which you can put on and are great to bring on travel. You’ll probably look a bit crazy wearing it but your skin will be glowing when you’re landing. Then you can put on some makeup just before landing if you want!


xx Rapunzel

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