Muir woods and vine tasting









When we were visiting San Francisco we decided to venture out one day. I have wanted to see the massive redwood trees for years and years and since we were so close to them we decided to use the opportunity and go see some. And it did not disappoint! We went to Muir Woods that are about an hour north of San Francisco and that is a national monument. Smaller than a national park, but still as beautiful and serene. You just walk around with a sense of admiration for something that has been around for so many centuries. The world is constantly changing and here you just find these majestic creatures that have lived through everything. It was the most beautiful place and I could have stayed there forever.





We also wanted to do some vine tasting so travelled to Sonoma County to do just that, and to top it off it the day finished with some beer tasting! I don’t like beer but my boyfriend was very happy and the vine was stunning so I wasn’t feeling too bad myself. We visited two vineyards, one beer brewing and had lunch in Sonoma, which was just the cutest little town. 

All in all, this was probably my favourite day that we spent in California♥

xx Rapunzel

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