On my wish list in November



Welcome to my belated on my wish list post for November! I’m currently on holiday and I’m spending minimal time in front of my computer so naturally there have not been many updates and this post is quite delayed. But now it’s finally here!

As it’s already November 9th a lot has already happened and it’s been the most amazing month of this year so far. I’ve been spending the beginning of this month in Maui, Hawaii and I’m now in San Francisco until I will be flying back to London in a couple days. I’m going to be devastated to go back to reality but also happy to go back to London that is such a beautiful place in the autumn.


♣On my wish list in November♣


  • Christmas shopping. I’m determined to finish a lot of my Christmas shopping by the end of the month! London is the craziest place during December and I don’t want to be running around stressed and grumpy with all my Christmas shopping left.
  • Go for runs in the park. Oh my God, I have eaten on this holiday! I can’t wait to go back to running outside in my local park and hopefully feel a bit better and healthier.
  • Movie nights in. I need some move nights in with my boyfriend for this month. Light lots of candles; snuggle up on the sofa with blankets and a nice film. Pure bliss.
  • Go to the cinema and watch Fantastic beasts and where to find them. I love (loooove) Harry Potter and am beyond excited to watch a new J.K. Rowling story at the cinema!! Can’t wait!
  • Go for lots of walk followed with delicious hot drinks inside. This is the perfect time of the year for it, not too cold and not too hot. Bring a friend or a loved one!
  • Wish for snow? *fingerscrossed*






xx Rapunzel

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