Sephora haul



I’m in San Fransisco! We have now travelled from beautiful Maui and have spent a couple days in San Fransisco and will stay here a few more days until we go back to London. I’ll post a few in depth posts about both Maui and San Fransisco, but so far I have to be honest and say that Maui is definitely beating San Fransisco. Maybe not that surprising?

Anyway, I did a little shopping at Sephora the other day. For someone who is a massive beauty junky and has never shopped at Sephora this was very, very exciting! It was massive and I was so overwhelmed; I wanted to buy everything. But I was good and only got some necessities (mascara and makeup remover) and some fun skin care products from Tarte and masks from Sephora’s own brand. Can’t wait to do an at home spa night!





xx Rapunzel

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