My current favourite skincare

I have always been interested in skin care products and different brands. I have had spots and acne on and off since my teens which is what introduced me to skin care and to trying to fix my skin. Spots seem like a really unimportant problem and it is compared to many other things in life, but it really killed my self-esteem the times my skin has been covered in spots and bumps. 

Last year around this time my skin was at its worst. At 24 years old I was sick of it and I ended up getting medication for it, which I still use. It took about 7-8 of using the medication to see any improvement in my skin but it has really worked and my skin has never looked better. I feel so much better in my skin and it’s such a nice feeling to not feel like I need to constantly cover up with makeup and feel insecure.

 However, it’s still important to use skin care products. I don’t want loads of wrinkles or dry skin so I want to use skin care products that make my skin look and feel good. I use fewer products than I did before. I cleanse with micellar water day and night, use a serum and a moisturiser. That’s it. Sometimes when I have time (and remember to do it) I will exfoliate or use a moisturising mask. That’s it! These products are my current favourites. The micellar water smells really good and feel good on my skin, but I have also liked the ones from Garnier and can honestly not see much difference and any that I have used. I am in love with the products from Paula’s Choice. This moisturiser is absolutely amazing; it feels really thick and sinks in to the skin easily. The serum is also really good and I love that you can buy small minis to test before committing to a full sized version.


xx Rapunzel

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