Going forward




What a week. The last week has definitely had its up and downs. It started with a a stubborn cold and me taking a day off work. I am one who gets ill very easily and I’ve been known to be sick 8 times in a year. However, this year has been very good to me in terms of illness and I was not sick until August, but then manage to get a virus again now.

Anyway, it’s over now! There’s also been some drama regarding my living situation which does not sit well with me. I hate drama and bullying, and just want to hide from any kind of conflict. So safe to say that being at home is not great at the moment. Over to something more positive is that my sister visited London this weekend! She came with her new boyfriend and I had the best time with the two of them and my man. I hadn’t seen her for months and I’ve been missing both my sisters terribly so it was amazing to at least see one of them. And, I’m going home for Christmas which is just around the corner and I get to see both of them; finally!!




So, that’s my update and mostly why it’s been dead here for the past week. This week is going to be amazing and I’m so ready for it because, guess what?! I’m going to Hawaii and San Fransisco!!!! If you’ve seen my last post you might have guessed it and I’ve been looking forward to this for months! I’ve never been to that part of the earth and I am going with my favourite person on earth which I think is fitting. This trip is all because of him and I have him to thank for wanting to take me and I feel so so thankful for having such an amazing person in my life who truly spoils me. Okay, enough babbling, I just wanted to do a short update. Have an amazing day!♥


xx Rapunzel

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