My dream home: Bathroom












•My dream bathroom•



Bathrooms are important rooms in a home and in my opinion they are often overlooked. In my home I definitely want at least two bathrooms, I hate having to wait for someone if they are in the bathroom and even just having a small room with only toilet and sink would be necessary for me.

The bathroom is probably the room that I’m the most uncertain about. I want bathrooms that are simply, sleek and calm. I want to create a spa like atmosphere, with a large shower and preferably a freestanding bath. I also know that I want some sort of stone tiles on the walls and absolutely no wooden floor. Why do people have wooden floor in the bathroom, surely it gets damaged from all the water?!

Anyway, this room is still undecided and even when I went on Pinterest it didn’t really make it any better. I’m keeping my mind open and waiting to see something that I completely fall in love with!


xx Rapunzel

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