Fashion Friday: Over the knee boots









•Over the knee boots•


I’ve decided to make a Fashion Friday a thing –  every Friday I will dedicate a blog post to something I love in fashion. It could be a trend I’m loving or hating, an item that I’m dreaming about, or a staple fashion item that I want to talk about; like today.

Now, I know that I have already mentioned over the knee boots in my “what I want to do in October” post, but I’m obsessed with them and can’t mention them enough! I have two black pairs that I have worn so much the last 2-3 winters that stitching and heels have come loose. I’m not exaggerating when I say I wear them everyday for months –  so no wonder they’re a little worn.

My favourite boots for this season are the Adessi from Aldo, Dyna-U from Aldo, Beau from Schutz, Kent from Sam Edelman, Tamara from Schutz, Taliah from Dune and the Tommy boots from Dune. There’s currently also a sale on Shopbop where you can find amazing shoes, just a little tip!


xx Rapunzel

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