How to make your Monday morning easier





– “You are amazing”

– “I know”

These cups make me giggle. What better way to start the week than with a hot drink in a cup that makes you smile? Monday mornings are always hard, I always struggle to get out of bed an wake up so anything that makes it a bit easier is welcome in my life. These along with the coasters were given to me by one of my friends and I simply adore them (and her!).

How to make your Monday morning easier

  • Have your outfit and makeup ready. I get up at 5.30-5.50 in the morning and I’ll do anything to have a few more minutes in bed. So I’ll prepare what I’m wearing for the next day and lay it out next to the bed. I keep the makeup that I’m wearing in a makeup bag so that I don’t have to look through all my makeup for that 1 makeup brush or concealer that’s magically disappeared.
  • Prepare your food the day before. Another thing that I like doing is make the meals that I’m bringing to work the day before. I usually make my lunch and then bring 2 other snacks such as fruit, breakfast bars and nuts.
  • Put on some music or watch a Youtube video. This makes me mornings so much easier and gets me in a better mood. I like watching Youtube tutorials or vlogs while I do my makeup and eat my breakfast, as I can stay cosy under the duvet for longer while still getting ready.


xx Rapunzel

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