My dream home: Library





There’s one room in my dream home that has been on my wish list since I was 17. When I was 17 I decided to move from Norway to Scotland for a year. I would be living with a family that I had never met and I would be attending school in a country I had never been to before. Only 4 weeks before I was moving I was told which family had been openminded and kind enough to let me live with them for a whole year. It was an amazing year, it was scary, challenging, different and fun. Although it at times was strange to live with a family, a group of people I didn’t know at the age of 17, I am so grateful that they opened their home for me.

The reason why I’m telling this story in this post is because they had the most beautiful library in their house. The house was a beautiful, large stone house in the Scottish countryside, and my absolute favourite room in this house was the library. It had built in book shelves in dark wood, a big wooden desk, two massive,plump leather chair and a TV in the corner where the book shelves met. It was decorated in a very old fashioned, masculine style and this is what I want to recreate in my dream home.


– The home library –




Love the feel of this one^




Perfect cosy seat to read a book


The most important factor for me in a home library is the feel of the room. It has to feel comfortable, you have to feel like you want to reach for one of the books on the shelf, sit down in a chair and start reading. And for that to happen it needs to be the right atmosphere. For me I want it quite old fashioned and masculine design. I want cosy leather chairs, dark wood book cases and good lighting. It can’t look messy or dirty and it can’t be too minimalist and clinical either.

I love writing these posts. I get to spend time visualising what I want, to get excited about something in my future and motivate myself. Being able to pay for a house is something that is very important for me so writing these posts are so much fun for me!


xx Rapunzel

All pictures from Pinterest

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