On my wish list in October


October is here! I can’t believe how quickly the months have gone this year, wasn’t it just April?! Anyway, I’m very excited about October! I remember that it used to be one of my least favourite months during school. It was cold, rainy or sometimes even snowy, long dark days and Christmas felt like a lifetime away. Now, however, I love October and it has become one of my favourite months of year.





October for me is amazing fashion, the air is cold and crips, you can fill up on as much hot drinks as you desire and the trees are coloured in reds, oranges and yellows. I love October because it’s perfectly acceptable to cosy up inside with lots of blankets and watch a film or reading a book. October is just cosiness and I live for that. Hyggelig, koselig; Norwegian words that unfortunately don’t have a good English translation that I would. They basically mean the feeling of being cosy/enjoying your own company or others company, without stressing or worrying, most likely you will have some food or drinks in this scenario. It’s all about enjoying the moment. Oh, and in true Scandi style there will be lots of lit candles and blankets, this is necessary.




In October I want to..


  • Wear boots. Yes, boots. I am so excited about boots for yet another year! I have these amazing black over the knee boots from Asos that I wore almost every day from September to April last year and I intended to do exactly the same this year. Perhaps even treat myself to some grey boots!
  •  Read more books on the tube. I love reading and since I learnt to read I have almost always read on the bed before going to bed. The negative with this is that it leads to me becoming so sleepy whenever I read anything and I would struggle to keep awake so I had to stop only reading before bed time. This has lead to me not reading as much as before and I miss it and want to read more. So I have already begun reading to and from work, which is the perfect way to pass time in my opinion.
  • Blog more. I have ignoring my blog. I couldn’t think of anything to write so I simply left my blog without any updates. I haven’t enjoyed that. I’ve been feeling guilty and I know that this blog is good for me. I enjoy planning each post, researching new designs and write. It makes me excited and I really didn’t think I would enjoy writing anything after studying for so long and truly hating writing my assignments at university. So good surprise!
  • Shop for my trip! My secret trip that’s happening all because my amazing boyfriend is starting at the end of this month and I couldn’t be more excited! I need some things for this trip and I’m excited to hopefully get some good finds! And I’ll do a little haul of it before I go.
  • Autumn fashion. I’ve already done some posts on autumn fashion so it’s no wonder I’m excited for this. Autumn fashion always offers the best fashion and I have an obsession with coats, scarfs and boots so I’m truly going to enjoy myself this month. I simply want to just live in cosy clothes! Oh, and soft knitted jumpers! Can’t forget those.
  • We can’t forget Halloween! My sister’s birthday is the day before Halloween and growing up we used to love dressing up, putting on makeup and wearing my mums and grandmothers old clothes. We used to invite our friends over for dressing up and it’s one of my fondest memories so anything involving dressing up and makeup is definitely worth a celebration in my book. I’m sadly not going to be able to celebrate Halloween this year, but I will definitely enjoy all the YouTube tutorials and autumn/Halloween decorations.


xx Rapunzel

All pictures found on Pinterest

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