My current favourite skincare

I have always been interested in skin care products and different brands. I have had spots and acne on and off since my teens which is what introduced me to skin care and to trying to fix my skin. Spots seem like a really unimportant problem and it is compared to many other things in life, but it really killed my self-esteem the times my skin has been covered in spots and bumps. 

Last year around this time my skin was at its worst. At 24 years old I was sick of it and I ended up getting medication for it, which I still use. It took about 7-8 of using the medication to see any improvement in my skin but it has really worked and my skin has never looked better. I feel so much better in my skin and it’s such a nice feeling to not feel like I need to constantly cover up with makeup and feel insecure.

 However, it’s still important to use skin care products. I don’t want loads of wrinkles or dry skin so I want to use skin care products that make my skin look and feel good. I use fewer products than I did before. I cleanse with micellar water day and night, use a serum and a moisturiser. That’s it. Sometimes when I have time (and remember to do it) I will exfoliate or use a moisturising mask. That’s it! These products are my current favourites. The micellar water smells really good and feel good on my skin, but I have also liked the ones from Garnier and can honestly not see much difference and any that I have used. I am in love with the products from Paula’s Choice. This moisturiser is absolutely amazing; it feels really thick and sinks in to the skin easily. The serum is also really good and I love that you can buy small minis to test before committing to a full sized version.


xx Rapunzel

Going forward




What a week. The last week has definitely had its up and downs. It started with a a stubborn cold and me taking a day off work. I am one who gets ill very easily and I’ve been known to be sick 8 times in a year. However, this year has been very good to me in terms of illness and I was not sick until August, but then manage to get a virus again now.

Anyway, it’s over now! There’s also been some drama regarding my living situation which does not sit well with me. I hate drama and bullying, and just want to hide from any kind of conflict. So safe to say that being at home is not great at the moment. Over to something more positive is that my sister visited London this weekend! She came with her new boyfriend and I had the best time with the two of them and my man. I hadn’t seen her for months and I’ve been missing both my sisters terribly so it was amazing to at least see one of them. And, I’m going home for Christmas which is just around the corner and I get to see both of them; finally!!




So, that’s my update and mostly why it’s been dead here for the past week. This week is going to be amazing and I’m so ready for it because, guess what?! I’m going to Hawaii and San Fransisco!!!! If you’ve seen my last post you might have guessed it and I’ve been looking forward to this for months! I’ve never been to that part of the earth and I am going with my favourite person on earth which I think is fitting. This trip is all because of him and I have him to thank for wanting to take me and I feel so so thankful for having such an amazing person in my life who truly spoils me. Okay, enough babbling, I just wanted to do a short update. Have an amazing day!♥


xx Rapunzel

Sick day



Ugh, I’m having a sick day. I’ve already watched a film, there’s tissues everywhere and I’m about to make myself some soup. All I’m going to do today is do some laundry and just relax with my duvet over me. And probably watch another film (or 3).


xx Rapunzel

My dream home: Bathroom












•My dream bathroom•



Bathrooms are important rooms in a home and in my opinion they are often overlooked. In my home I definitely want at least two bathrooms, I hate having to wait for someone if they are in the bathroom and even just having a small room with only toilet and sink would be necessary for me.

The bathroom is probably the room that I’m the most uncertain about. I want bathrooms that are simply, sleek and calm. I want to create a spa like atmosphere, with a large shower and preferably a freestanding bath. I also know that I want some sort of stone tiles on the walls and absolutely no wooden floor. Why do people have wooden floor in the bathroom, surely it gets damaged from all the water?!

Anyway, this room is still undecided and even when I went on Pinterest it didn’t really make it any better. I’m keeping my mind open and waiting to see something that I completely fall in love with!


xx Rapunzel

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Fashion Friday: Over the knee boots









•Over the knee boots•


I’ve decided to make a Fashion Friday a thing –  every Friday I will dedicate a blog post to something I love in fashion. It could be a trend I’m loving or hating, an item that I’m dreaming about, or a staple fashion item that I want to talk about; like today.

Now, I know that I have already mentioned over the knee boots in my “what I want to do in October” post, but I’m obsessed with them and can’t mention them enough! I have two black pairs that I have worn so much the last 2-3 winters that stitching and heels have come loose. I’m not exaggerating when I say I wear them everyday for months –  so no wonder they’re a little worn.

My favourite boots for this season are the Adessi from Aldo, Dyna-U from Aldo, Beau from Schutz, Kent from Sam Edelman, Tamara from Schutz, Taliah from Dune and the Tommy boots from Dune. There’s currently also a sale on Shopbop where you can find amazing shoes, just a little tip!


xx Rapunzel

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Must watch YouTubers

I love watching YouTube videos when I’m relaxing. I have already made a post of my favourite YouTubers (here) but I wanted to do an update and ad a few that I love watching. Personally I like watching videos about makeup, fashion and vlogs. Personality is vital to whether I like watching someone or not, if it’s someone who acts a bit over the top, or alters their personality that usual shines through and they just come across as fake.


•Must watch YouTubers•




Suzie makes lifestyle, makeup and fashion videos. I love watching her hauls and her get ready with me videos as she edits them beautifully. Watch her get morning routine video or other get ready with me vidoes and you can really tell that she is talented at editing and filming. She has a really soothing voice which is nice to listen to and you can’t help but want to watch all her videos.






Victoria is currently my favourite person to watch when it comes to fashion. She even has a PhD in fashion and you can tell that she knows her stuff. She is the girl you want as your best friend and is another person that you can tell that she puts in a lot of work in her videos. She also has an amazing blog with the same name. I especially love her luxury looks for less videos!






I looove Tiffany’s interior hauls and vlogs! She originally started making beauty videos but later started doing vlogs and content on interior which I’m thrilled that she did. It’s often her vloggen from her home, the car with her daughter and husband and she makes everyday things like going to the shop enjoyable to watch. I think much of that is because she doesn’t pretend to be anyone else and she will give a detailed honest opinion about anything.


xx Rapunzel

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How to make your Monday morning easier





– “You are amazing”

– “I know”

These cups make me giggle. What better way to start the week than with a hot drink in a cup that makes you smile? Monday mornings are always hard, I always struggle to get out of bed an wake up so anything that makes it a bit easier is welcome in my life. These along with the coasters were given to me by one of my friends and I simply adore them (and her!).

How to make your Monday morning easier

  • Have your outfit and makeup ready. I get up at 5.30-5.50 in the morning and I’ll do anything to have a few more minutes in bed. So I’ll prepare what I’m wearing for the next day and lay it out next to the bed. I keep the makeup that I’m wearing in a makeup bag so that I don’t have to look through all my makeup for that 1 makeup brush or concealer that’s magically disappeared.
  • Prepare your food the day before. Another thing that I like doing is make the meals that I’m bringing to work the day before. I usually make my lunch and then bring 2 other snacks such as fruit, breakfast bars and nuts.
  • Put on some music or watch a Youtube video. This makes me mornings so much easier and gets me in a better mood. I like watching Youtube tutorials or vlogs while I do my makeup and eat my breakfast, as I can stay cosy under the duvet for longer while still getting ready.


xx Rapunzel

My dream home: Library





There’s one room in my dream home that has been on my wish list since I was 17. When I was 17 I decided to move from Norway to Scotland for a year. I would be living with a family that I had never met and I would be attending school in a country I had never been to before. Only 4 weeks before I was moving I was told which family had been openminded and kind enough to let me live with them for a whole year. It was an amazing year, it was scary, challenging, different and fun. Although it at times was strange to live with a family, a group of people I didn’t know at the age of 17, I am so grateful that they opened their home for me.

The reason why I’m telling this story in this post is because they had the most beautiful library in their house. The house was a beautiful, large stone house in the Scottish countryside, and my absolute favourite room in this house was the library. It had built in book shelves in dark wood, a big wooden desk, two massive,plump leather chair and a TV in the corner where the book shelves met. It was decorated in a very old fashioned, masculine style and this is what I want to recreate in my dream home.


– The home library –




Love the feel of this one^




Perfect cosy seat to read a book


The most important factor for me in a home library is the feel of the room. It has to feel comfortable, you have to feel like you want to reach for one of the books on the shelf, sit down in a chair and start reading. And for that to happen it needs to be the right atmosphere. For me I want it quite old fashioned and masculine design. I want cosy leather chairs, dark wood book cases and good lighting. It can’t look messy or dirty and it can’t be too minimalist and clinical either.

I love writing these posts. I get to spend time visualising what I want, to get excited about something in my future and motivate myself. Being able to pay for a house is something that is very important for me so writing these posts are so much fun for me!


xx Rapunzel

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