My room is very bare and boring at the moment. I have been looking for good pictures and prints for a long time and this site was mentioned to me twice over the last few days. It’s called Desenio and I’m in love with all the prints already! The style is very Scandinavian and being Scandinavian it’s probably not that strange that I fell in love.






I two long walls in my room that are completely bare and in need of something. I was thinking of doing a wall collage of maybe 5-6 pictures in different sizes. That way it makes the room seem larger, more colourful and simply prettier. Which is important to me:) I love animals so one or two animal posters are a must!

I still can’t decide what colours to go for though. I don’t want my room to feel cold so I’m not so sure about all black and white even though I think it’s so elegant. I thought about pink but then I don’t want anything to childish and bad taste either. So maybe some blue? These are some of my favourites.


83048 White owl 50x70

85128 Pink feathers 50x70

81588 Forest bear B&W 50x70

83238 Sea foam 50x70


xx Rapunzel


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