My dream home: Sitting room

One room that I’m looking forward to decorating in the future is the sitting room. I want somewhere that is both cosy and stylish. I go back and forth about how I want the sitting room to look. I want somewhere really cosy where I can watch films on a big sofa but then I also want somewhere that looks pretty and have lots of beautiful decor. I also want a library in my perfect house, which would definitely be cosy and a very masculine design so I am toying with the a idea of having a more stylish sitting room because of that. I am nowhere near actually owning  a house, so having this dilemma is probably a bit premature. I can’t help myself!

In a perfect world I want a large fire, large windows from floor to ceiling and dark wooden floors. I have included some pictures of sitting rooms that are more formal because they look so beautiful and I use them for motivation. What I’m planning on doing to have the room as cosy as possible is include a large sofa, either a corner sofa or two smaller ones situated against walls. I big rug, lots of cushions and lots of lights and candles.












xx Rapunzel

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