Just an update

It has been crazy hot in London this week, as high as 32 (!!) on Tuesday! I was at work all day and it was unbearable. I love summer and hot weather, but maybe not so much  at work and when I’m longing to wear jackets, thigh high boots and knits. 

I’ve spent some much needed time with the boyfriend and I’m currently on the train back home. It’s so nice to be out of London for a bit and to relax properly. I’m not so sure how I feel about blogging about basically nothing, just what I’m currently doing. It’s almost a form of therapy though, just typing the words on my phone even if it’s not anything meaningful. Sometimes that’s enough and I enjoy it so why not.The plan now is simply to get home, and a put on a face mask while watching one of my favourite shows Location, Location, Location. 

Xx Rapunzel 

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