Blonde or brunette ?




I have been a blonde my whole life. As a child my hair was very fair and it got darker the older I got which often happens. When I was 17 I wasn’t that happy with how my hair looked and started getting blonde highlights. Sometimes it looked really good, other times it was a bit too blonde or even yellow tinted.






I went to the hairdressers about every 3-4 months from age 17 to age 23 and it did damage my hair a lot. So for the last couple years I completely left my hair alone and let my natural colour grow out. It’s a dark blonde and I love how soft and strong it feels, but I’m not so keen on the colour so I’m contemplating doing something with it again. However, should I go blonder or do something completely different and go brunette? Or both and do baylayge?! I still don’t know but I’m leaning towards getting some blonde highlights and I think I’d do 2-3 different blonde colours to make it look natural and healthy.





xx Rapunzel

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