My dream home

I’m constantly looking at anything house related. Viewing houses for sale, looking in shops and online at anything from sofas to towels. One of my dreams in life is to own a home. Somewhere that I can relax and really call home. I think that because I’ve moved so many times over the last few years that desire to have a home that is mine has just been intensified.

Ideally I want a project. Or to build a house. Both extremely stressful but I want something that is to my taste (and my boyfriend’s of course). I don’t want a house that has already been done up, to someone else’s taste. Frankly, the worse a house looks the more excited I get about how good it could look on the inside. The only requirements that I have are as follows

  • Large outside space
  • Good sized rooms
  • Large kitchen or the possibility for it to be a large kitchen
  • Beautiful exterior

The last point is very important to me. I want a home that looks beautiful and inviting from the outside. I love stone and I love a large front door area with big windows on either side. So, I’ve been collecting a few pictures from Pinterest to show how I would want the exterior to be, or similar too




xx Rapunzel

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