The happiness planner

I saw this planner in Anthropology last weekend. As everything is a bit overpriced in there I thought I’d see if I could find it online and I found the original site where you can order it along with other planners here. And it was cheaper!

As I’ve mentioned before I love everything stationary and that includes planners. When they are as pretty as this one I’m sold and I just knew I had to have it!

The concept is that you spend 100 days to write down things that are positive in your life, to create a habit of thinking more positively and optimistically. I tend to cringe when anything is a bit too much, too cliche and over the top. But in my opinion this planner and company has found a way to tackle this without being too over the top, and I’m excited to try it out over the next 100 days. I’ll update on how I get on with it, if I like it, if I find anything difficult, if I’m able to remember to write in it everyday.

I bought it for £24 from the site including shipping. 

Xx Rapunzel 

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