On my wish list in September

Wow, is it really September already?! Where has the summer gone?! It feels like it’s been here without me properly enjoying it. However, I have an amazing and very busy past two months. I’m also strangely ready for the autumn.


September collage


  • My favourite season has always, always been the summer but I feel like there has been a shift this year. I’m excited about autumn! I’m catching myself thinking about falling leaves, soft scarves and jumpers, hot chocolate and lighting candles on cosy nights inside. I can’t express how excited I feel just writing that sentence! I’m so excited for September, October and November. It’s going to be busy months as I’ll be working more than full time but there’s also exciting things happening.
  • I did a blog post a while earlier about being motivated to exercise and eat healthily because I have an upcoming event in the end of October. I will be travelling to an amazing destination and it’s a part of the world that I have never been to. Despite being motivated I have not been able to exercise properly. Working for 12 hours at a time, not actually having joined a gym and spending my days of travelling are my excuses. I have improve on eating and have already lost a tiny amount of weight, but this month I will focus on planning my excise routine too.
  • I’m excited about blogging! About a week ago I was in a rubbish mood. Feeling down, I had been working a lot and I couldn’t find the joy in anything; including blogging. Fortunately that has turned around in the last few days and I feel like myself again. Thank God. Anyway, my point is that I’m excited to blog as autumn is definitely high season to read and to write blogs and I’m very excited for everything that it has to bring! I got an offer relating to this blog a couple weeks ago that was very exciting so I’m ready to put in more work.
  • Creating a blogging schedule.This is building on the last point. I have not had a blogging schedule and I want to create one. What I have done so far is write 2-4 posts on days that I’m not working and then scheduling them. I want to post of specific days and will find out what is best. I would prefer to post every single day and will work towards finding a routine to do that.
  • Autumn fashion. Do I even have to elaborate on this? It’s the best time of year for fashion and I have a post coming up on this!


xx Rapunzel

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