Get ready for school: Fashion edition

It’s time for a fashion edition of the back to school series. I remember all the way back to primary school how excited I would get for what I should wear on the first the back to school. I love fresh starts and think I almost must have, it’s such a motivating and exciting feeling to know that you have a complete fresh start, that you can do achieve anything that you want.

Now, new clothes does not mean that you’re going to achieve whatever it is you set out to do. But it’s a nice way to get excited about what’s to come and to prepare.


Back to school fashion

Grey hatGrey topBlack jeans, Green boots, Black backpack

Grey jumper, Beige hat, White bag, Grey boots, Blue jeans

Find the whole collage here


back to school fashion2

Beige leather jacket, White top, Black leather trousers (on sale!), Beige bag, Beige boots

Grey poncho, Black dress, Beige bag, Beige boots

  1. Find the whole collage here


I love greys and earth tones –  even more so in the autumn. Soft greys, beige, browns, black and white are my go to colours. I focused on things that would be comfortable, relatively relaxed, easy to style yet looks planned and presentable. If it gets too basic it helps to add a splash of colour, such as a green hat, or maybe some red lipstick. Do what you like! Fashion is fun:)


xx Rapunzel

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