My dream home: Office

Okay, this one does depend on what type of job that I’m doing. In the job that I’m currently in a home office is not necessary. But keeping in mind what I want to do in the future I will need a home office and I truly do want one to.

I want it to be over the top girly, with lots of unnecessary decorations and stationary, simply because I love it. I want the main colours to be white, silver and  pink. I want some colourful pink pictures on the walls, a large desk that’s either all white or has a glass top.












I’m in love with these that I found on Pinterest and I would happily have any of these! After looking at lots of inspiration I know I’m going to need a soft carpet under my desk and chair, lots of pictures on the walls and good storage that also looks good. I love all the matching boxes in pictures 6 and 7. I also love anything stripes so that definitely needs to be incorporated somewhere.


xx  Rapunzel

Fashion Friday – Coats







If there’s one item of clothing that I can’t resist buying 1 (or 2,3,4…) new item of every year it is a nice coat. I looove coats and when September comes along and it’s finally time to wrap up in a cosy coat I just cant help myself, I need at least one new every year.

This year I want a coat that is classy and stylish. I’ve got the very practical, warm (ugly) winter coat. Now I want one oozes elegance and that I can wear with over the knee boots, which is probably what’s going to be on my feet most of the next few months. I love the waterfall style and I’m thinking of going for either a camel, grey or beige colour.


xx Rapunzel


My room is very bare and boring at the moment. I have been looking for good pictures and prints for a long time and this site was mentioned to me twice over the last few days. It’s called Desenio and I’m in love with all the prints already! The style is very Scandinavian and being Scandinavian it’s probably not that strange that I fell in love.






I two long walls in my room that are completely bare and in need of something. I was thinking of doing a wall collage of maybe 5-6 pictures in different sizes. That way it makes the room seem larger, more colourful and simply prettier. Which is important to me:) I love animals so one or two animal posters are a must!

I still can’t decide what colours to go for though. I don’t want my room to feel cold so I’m not so sure about all black and white even though I think it’s so elegant. I thought about pink but then I don’t want anything to childish and bad taste either. So maybe some blue? These are some of my favourites.


83048 White owl 50x70

85128 Pink feathers 50x70

81588 Forest bear B&W 50x70

83238 Sea foam 50x70


xx Rapunzel


My dream home: Sitting room

One room that I’m looking forward to decorating in the future is the sitting room. I want somewhere that is both cosy and stylish. I go back and forth about how I want the sitting room to look. I want somewhere really cosy where I can watch films on a big sofa but then I also want somewhere that looks pretty and have lots of beautiful decor. I also want a library in my perfect house, which would definitely be cosy and a very masculine design so I am toying with the a idea of having a more stylish sitting room because of that. I am nowhere near actually owning  a house, so having this dilemma is probably a bit premature. I can’t help myself!

In a perfect world I want a large fire, large windows from floor to ceiling and dark wooden floors. I have included some pictures of sitting rooms that are more formal because they look so beautiful and I use them for motivation. What I’m planning on doing to have the room as cosy as possible is include a large sofa, either a corner sofa or two smaller ones situated against walls. I big rug, lots of cushions and lots of lights and candles.












xx Rapunzel

Just an update

It has been crazy hot in London this week, as high as 32 (!!) on Tuesday! I was at work all day and it was unbearable. I love summer and hot weather, but maybe not so much  at work and when I’m longing to wear jackets, thigh high boots and knits. 

I’ve spent some much needed time with the boyfriend and I’m currently on the train back home. It’s so nice to be out of London for a bit and to relax properly. I’m not so sure how I feel about blogging about basically nothing, just what I’m currently doing. It’s almost a form of therapy though, just typing the words on my phone even if it’s not anything meaningful. Sometimes that’s enough and I enjoy it so why not.The plan now is simply to get home, and a put on a face mask while watching one of my favourite shows Location, Location, Location. 

Xx Rapunzel 

Blonde or brunette ?




I have been a blonde my whole life. As a child my hair was very fair and it got darker the older I got which often happens. When I was 17 I wasn’t that happy with how my hair looked and started getting blonde highlights. Sometimes it looked really good, other times it was a bit too blonde or even yellow tinted.






I went to the hairdressers about every 3-4 months from age 17 to age 23 and it did damage my hair a lot. So for the last couple years I completely left my hair alone and let my natural colour grow out. It’s a dark blonde and I love how soft and strong it feels, but I’m not so keen on the colour so I’m contemplating doing something with it again. However, should I go blonder or do something completely different and go brunette? Or both and do baylayge?! I still don’t know but I’m leaning towards getting some blonde highlights and I think I’d do 2-3 different blonde colours to make it look natural and healthy.





xx Rapunzel

My dream home

I’m constantly looking at anything house related. Viewing houses for sale, looking in shops and online at anything from sofas to towels. One of my dreams in life is to own a home. Somewhere that I can relax and really call home. I think that because I’ve moved so many times over the last few years that desire to have a home that is mine has just been intensified.

Ideally I want a project. Or to build a house. Both extremely stressful but I want something that is to my taste (and my boyfriend’s of course). I don’t want a house that has already been done up, to someone else’s taste. Frankly, the worse a house looks the more excited I get about how good it could look on the inside. The only requirements that I have are as follows

  • Large outside space
  • Good sized rooms
  • Large kitchen or the possibility for it to be a large kitchen
  • Beautiful exterior

The last point is very important to me. I want a home that looks beautiful and inviting from the outside. I love stone and I love a large front door area with big windows on either side. So, I’ve been collecting a few pictures from Pinterest to show how I would want the exterior to be, or similar too




xx Rapunzel

Please be mine

Ahh, I cannot stop dreaming and wanting this camera! I have been looking and reading reviews about it for so long and I’m getting closer and closer to getting it. To me it would be the perfect blog camera, it’s compact, really good quality and it’s cute. Lol, that is an important factor!



This is the Olympus Pen E-PL7 and if your an avid blog reader I’m sure you have noticed this camera. To me it looks so classic in elegant and I desperately need a good quality camera as I currently use my Iphone for pictures.




Please me mine!


xx Rapunzel

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