Feminine and luxurious piercing jewellery



I watched a YouTube vlog with one of my favourite youtubers Fleur de Force and she had gone to get ear piercings that looked so amazing. She got the done at Liberty in London and I immediately had to google it. I had a conch piercing in my right ear which I loved,however, I hated the piercing that I had in it. I took it at a tattoo/piercing parlour and it was a massive chunky ring, not my style at all. Fleur got a daith piercing that looked so girly and elegant and I absolutely loved it!



Picture from Fleur de Force’s instagram 


I don’t have my conch piercing anymore because it got infected and I had to take it out. I looked everywhere I could think of to find a piercing in my style but couldn’t find one. So after that I put my search to rest. Even thought about creating my own jewellery line because I could see so clearly in my mind what I wanted but couldn’t find anyone who offered it. So seeing this vlog made me so so excited! After googling I found out that the piercing place is by Maria Tash for Liberty. She has been a jeweller for over 20 years, originating from New York. I had a look at the page and the piercings are honestly the most beautiful I have ever seen! It’s exactly what I had been looking for! The prices are by no means cheap so this would be a very generous gift to myself, but one that I will definitely treat myself to. Go here to view the amazing selection of piercing.

Would you get one?


xx Rapunzel



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