Preparing for something very exciting!

I just got confirmation of something extremely exciting that is going to happen at the end of October! It’s all happening because I have a very hard working, talented boyfriend and we get to travel to one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. No need to say that I’m beyond excited! I won’t reveal where we’re going yet but I will bring my laptop there, take lots of pictures and share the wonderful experience.

This won’t be until the end of October, 3oth of October which is also my sister’s birthday. I’m glad because I love having something to be excited and look forward to and it also means I get time to adjust my body shape closer to what I want. I have a job that consists of shifts, which has shown to have many negative effects on people’s health, one of them that shift workers in general have a higher BMI and are more unhealthy. When you work 12 hour days and you only have one hour from you get home until you have to be in bed asleep again, cooking is not tempting.


meal prep


I’m not a great cook and I don’t enjoy cooking but eating unhealthy food or simply skipping meals is not good for my health and I can already see the effects and I hate it. I want to treat my body well and I want to have energy and live a certain life style. That’s why I have decided that I’m going to start meal prepping and exercise after a schedule.

The type of exercise that I’m going to do is running, pilates and strength training, with some swimming. These are all activities that I enjoy doing and I have been missing going to the gym and doing pilates. My next step is therefore to find a gym that offers pilates and possibly has a pool.




Meal prepping is simply cooking many meals together in one go, storing it in the fridge and freezer and plan when you are eating each meal so you don’t have to cook as much. This saves time, money and I’m planning on making healthy meals, all things that are great! All I need now is some boxes to store all the meals and I’ll be a less stressed, healthier and more energised me.

I’m in two minds if I should do any before and after photos. Mainly because I don’t like exposing myself that way, but I might do some fully dressed ones, should I of course get to the point where I see any physical changes. My aim is to feel more energised, feel happier and healthier, be less bloated, have less cravings and look more toned. I’m extremely motivated and I have from the 18th August until the 30th of October to reach my goals. I’m ready!!


xx Rapunzel

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