Get ready for school: backpack edition

I’m still feeling horrible. Being at work has only made this cold worse and now my body has had enough. Thankfully I have the day off to just stay in bed and let my body the get rest it needs. And do some much longed after blogging!

Since school is about to start for many it I really wanted to do at least one post about getting ready for school. This is the first year since I was the age of six that I am not going in to a new school  year. I’m not sure how I feel about it to be honest. On one side I do like obviously having an income, learning a lot that can not be learnt through books and not have any assignments. On the other side I have days were I miss being a student. Even the long nights stressing about finishing an assignment that I had been procrastinating on is remember with rose tinted glasses. I love learning, I actually loved (mostly, let’s be honest) lectures and the whole process of getting yourself a degree. I was lucky in that I studied a subject that I was very passionate about and I do hope that I will return to university to complete another degree to finish the path I have started.

To stop this rambling and get to the point, here are items that I would purchase if I was going back to school.



  1. Day & Mood Clive Leather Flap Backpack
  2. Fjall Raven Women 18l Kanken Backpack

  3. Burberry Ll Rucksack Bag 

  4. SheIn(sheinside) Striped Canvas Backpack

  5. Patagonia Arbor Pack 26L

  6. The North Face Women’s Borealis Backpacks

  7. Jessica Simpson Nantucket Orange Cinch Pack

  8. Yoins Textured Leather-look Backpack in Moss with Tassel


I’m going to be really old and boring here and say that you need a backpack/rucksack for school. Honestly, you’ll be able to fit so much more stuff in there and carry it with more ease. Personally I had a blue North Face rucksack that made me look like the biggest geek but I truly didn’t care as I was able to bring so much with me without ruining my back. Some of the bags above are more inspiration than anything else. Obviously I don’t expect anyone to buy a £840 rucksack to wear to school, that’s just plain silly! But use it as inspiration, and there will be lots of look-a-likes at places such as Asos.

I’ll add at least one other post on getting ready for school, focusing on other things besides backpacks.


xx Rapunzel

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