Birthday weekend part 1

Hi everyone

I wanted to write a post about my birthday weekend. I will do it in two posts and this one will cover Thursday and Friday. I’ve had an amazing few days in beautiful Paris. I’ve been to the Eiffel Tower, eaten the longest meal I have probably ever had in a Michelin star restaurant, been to the Louvre and generally just enjoyed my birthday weekend with my boyfriend. It’s truly been a special time and I feel so blessed!

We started the weekend in London with balloons, treats and an amazing meal at Chevice in Old street. We have been to the restaurant before and the serve the most amazing South American food, you must try the roast chicken! So simple but so full of flavour. I also got to wear my bag for the first time and was beyond excited!

On Friday afternoon we jumped on the Eurostar to Paris, both eager and excited! Although I did manage to nap on the train as I’m a professional at sleeping on transportation, it’s a true talent.

Arriving in Paris we headed straight for the hotel.

We stayed at the Buddha Bar Hotel in Paris which was divine. An Asian styled hotel were the staff make sure you have everything you need and that you’re comfortable. And let me tell you that bath was amazing!

We went out for dinner to Les Climats were we managed to spend over 4 hours (!!) eating. We chose a set menu with paired wine, I can’t even remember how many glasses I had which is why I only have the pictures below from dinner (whoops). I did have an amazing time though and although some of the courses were a bit too strange to my taste, overall the food was divine and the staff and location was superb.

Part 2 will be coming up soon.
Xx Rapunzel

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