Bag reveal Saint Laurent Sac Monogramme

This is so unreal for me. I knew I was getting this bag, but it still didn’t feel like reality. I have always loved fashion, and especially bags and shoes. Saint Laurent is one of my favourite brands when it comes to bags and shoes and I had been dreaming about this bag in particular for years. I have a few bags that are on my wish list and that I am going to get myself, it is this one a Chanel classic flap and a Hermes Birkin. All ridicolously expensive bags but I love having rewards and something that I can use to make myself work harder. I know that if I tell myself that what I am doing now is hard, I’m so tired and everything seems so far away, it does help to know that eventually I will get where I want. The bags are not my goals, just to put that out there. They are simply a reward, a sign of my hard work and that I have gotten where I wanted. Now, this bag was a gift and not one that I paid for myself. I feel extremely lucky and everyone have been beyond generous on my 25th birthday and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. So without further ado, here is the beauty!

I got this beautiful box to store it in and keep it safe

And here is the beauty! This is one of the most beautiful bags in the world to me. It is the Saint Laurent Sac Monogramme in black snake skin leather with the silver hard ware. I have already worn in out a couple times and I absolutely adore it, it’s like my little baby. It makes every outfit look more fashionable and expensive and I actual wore it with a £3 skirt from Zara and felt amazing. 
Xx Rapunzel 

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