I’m going to Paris

Oh my God, this is a dream come true! I have been wanting to go on the Eurostar for years as I do live in London, but have never actually done it. I’m the only one left in my family who hasn’t been to France, so it’s about time that I check this one off my list of places to visit. It’s going to be days filled with some sightseeing (of course), amazing food and vine, and just enjoyment and relaxation. I will be in Paris from Friday to Sunday and will of course be taking pictures and writing about how the trip have been.

On my list of things to do is going to two amazing restaurants, a tour of the Eiffel tower,  and going to the Louvre museum. So far that is all that we have planned, I love art and I’m so excited to be going to the Louvre! I will be trying to take pictures in the restaurants, although I find it a bit cringe-y but I’ll try and ignore it and get something nice that I can post. In the past I have been the worst at taking pictures and it is such as shame because I would love to have pictures that I can look at and enjoy.


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Feel free to send my your Paris tips!

xx Rapunzel

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