On my wish list in August

It’s time for my post about what I want to do in August! August is my favourite month of the year as it’s my birthday month. But you also get lazy summer days while you get to be excited about the autumn and all that it has to bring.





♥ Going to Paris. IIiihh!! I’m so excited! This will be more first trip to Paris and I will be going this Friday and staying until Sunday.

♥ Getting more comfortable at work. My work can be psychologically demanding and if you make a mistake it can affect people. It’s a steep learning curve and I’m looking forward to becoming more confident in my role.

♥Autumn fashion. I think the shops will start bringing out the autumn collections in August? I’m not 100% certain but like so many other autumn fashion is my favourite and I cannot wait to see what the shops have to offer.

♥ Building on the two points above,getting my first pay check! Haha, this is always exciting and I’m going to be very excited about having getting paid after living rather frugally lately.

♥ Getting in to a routine. With a job were I don’t work normal working hours this becomes even more important, I don’t function without sleep and good nutrition so this is something I need to improve on.


xx Rapunzel

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