25 things I have learnt in 25 years

Seeing as it was my 25th birthday this Monday I wanted to do a post about lessons I have learnt, things I have found useful, what not to waste my time on etc. so far in my life. If I could have a conversation with my 15 year olds, this is what I would tell her.


1. Do not compare yourself to others. This is s big one. No matter what it is you compare yourself in, whatever it is school, singing, the way you look; your best competition is yourself. Looking back and seeing that you have grown is good, compare yourself to others and putting yourself down because of it is not.

2. Animals are everything and they always will be. You will be moving away from your puppy (he’s 12 years old), but he is always going to be excited to see you.


3. That boy that you were with for too long? Yeah, you should probably have broken up with him a long time before you actually did.


4. When horrible things happen to you and you think the world is going to end, look for the learning experience in them and it will eventually be okay.

5. Take care of your family and good friends in your life, they are worth everything and it’s important to show them that.

6. You’re not going to be 5’10 tall, it’s time to accept it. Lol.

7. Don’t try crazy diets, or any kind of diets for that matter. They’re designed to make you fail and make you feel horrible.

8. Do not let anyone else control your choices and what you want to do. You want to go out with your friends but your boyfriend makes you feel bad for it? That’s not a healthy relationship.


9. Do what you love and don’t think about what other people would say behind your back. This blog would have started years ago if I took that advice earlier.

10. Learn the importance of saving and investing and stick to it. You don’t need those shoes or live in that area just because you want that type of life now. If you safe you will get there sooner.

11. Work as much as possible because you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. The exchange rate might change drastically (like it did in 2014) and you’ll be happy you did.

12. Your parents are saints and you will discover how much the help, save you and can comfort you. Don’t take them for granted.

13. Push yourself towards your goals. Just study for a couple hours instead of watching that film, the small stuff really help.

14. Building on the last one, do not procrastinate! I am the procrastination queen and had I been harder on myself I would have done incredibly well.

15. There’s no point dwelling on things in the past if you don’t learn from them and avoid doing the same mistake in the future.


16. Studying psychology was a good choice and you absolutely love it.

17. Don’t lock yourself in and avoid talking about your issues. You have amazing friends who will listen and help you.

18. It’s okay to have a boyfriend whom you love. I know you thought you would be alone and that you romanticised that idea about focusing on just yourself and your career, but when you meet someone who takes your breath away, let him.

19. Also, the person that you love might also push you even hard, support you and make you a better person. Who would have known!

20. Don’t judge people that you don’t know, they always have a story.

21. Don’t be afraid of failing, it’s the best way to get better at something.

22. Continue to take good care of your skin, drink plenty of water, moisturise, cleanse and treat. Even at 25 you can see who’s been taking care of themselves.

23. Do not put your own value in what boys/men find attractive. It doesn’t matter what I do or look like, my success or how attractive I am is not measured in what men like. I need to like me for who I am to be happy.


24. You’re never going to be able to completely give up your favourite food, and why should you?

25. And finally,it is okay to not be okay. Don’t rush to become better, if you’re having a difficult time, tell someone but don’t think that you’re a failure because you’re struggling. Life will change but don’t feel guilty for it being bad right now.


Thank you for reading! What useful lessons would you tell your younger self?

xx Rapunzel

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