It’s not a good day

I have so many posts that are almost ready to be posted. Many topics that make me excited. And yet I can’t seem to finish them.

I’m not in a mood to be productive, to even be positive. I’ve spent the last two days switching between being grumpy, sad or careless. I can’t put my finger on why I am feeling like this. I don’t think there is one specific reason, it is probably a build up of several things and it has just gotten a bit too much.


I’m feeling overwhelmed and I can’t pretend that I’m okay. This past week there has been a heatwave in London with around 30C. I usually love warm weather and sun but this time I have been wanting to stay inside as much as possible. Why? I’m not sure.

I also got paid yesterday and I got really excited when I saw that the amount was greater than expected and it felt good for a minute. Then that feeling disappeared and I felt indifferent. I went shopping and got excited when I bought something and then the rest of the shopping trip I was in a bad mood because I couldn’t find anything else. I had forgotten my excitement only a few hours earlier and now all I wanted was to go home, away from people and the sunshine.

This blog brings me so much happiness and excitement. When I have spent a day writing 3-4 blog posts and taken pictures it’s a good day. I plan when I’m going to post each one and get excited about how each post look on my blog, that my blog is looking more and more the way that I want my blog to look like. And still, I’ve been avoiding writing blog posts.

Why? I’m not sure.

This  blog is called Rapunzel the psychologist and I have mentioned that mental health will be a topic on this blog. I sometimes struggle if I should share personal text like this here, because it’s not perfect, because it’s parts of life that are difficult. It’s honest and it’s raw, but it’s not inspirational, pretty or motivating. Nevertheless, I have decided to write this text and publish it. For the very simple reason that I needed to write these words. This is what I needed to express and I find it easier to write rather than talk. I know, ironic. I didn’t want to publish the posts I have prepared, they were written when I was happy and excited and that’s not how I’m feeling now. This is what I needed to write.


xx Rapunzel

Feminine and luxurious piercing jewellery



I watched a YouTube vlog with one of my favourite youtubers Fleur de Force and she had gone to get ear piercings that looked so amazing. She got the done at Liberty in London and I immediately had to google it. I had a conch piercing in my right ear which I loved,however, I hated the piercing that I had in it. I took it at a tattoo/piercing parlour and it was a massive chunky ring, not my style at all. Fleur got a daith piercing that looked so girly and elegant and I absolutely loved it!



Picture from Fleur de Force’s instagram 


I don’t have my conch piercing anymore because it got infected and I had to take it out. I looked everywhere I could think of to find a piercing in my style but couldn’t find one. So after that I put my search to rest. Even thought about creating my own jewellery line because I could see so clearly in my mind what I wanted but couldn’t find anyone who offered it. So seeing this vlog made me so so excited! After googling I found out that the piercing place is by Maria Tash for Liberty. She has been a jeweller for over 20 years, originating from New York. I had a look at the page and the piercings are honestly the most beautiful I have ever seen! It’s exactly what I had been looking for! The prices are by no means cheap so this would be a very generous gift to myself, but one that I will definitely treat myself to. Go here to view the amazing selection of piercing.

Would you get one?


xx Rapunzel



Get ready for school: stationary edition

In this part of the get ready for school series I wanted to focus on stationary. I am one of those people who loooove stationary! Pretty notebooks, pens, washi tape, stickers, organisers, you name it I want it. If I’m going past a stationary shop I almost always go in and look, it’s like sweets and I love all the different colours. Being a student for the past 5 years has meant that I’ve become quit the professional at just window shopping, and not actually being anything and sometimes that’s all I need.

I put together this collage from Kate Spade. Now, Kate Spade is not I brand I anticipated liking. I thought it would be too girly and cutesy for my taste, but surprisingly I love it; mainly their accessories though.


kate spade stationary


What I recommend that you should get completely depends on how much actual hand writing you do, if you do all your notes and planning on your computer you’re naturally not going to need much. For me personally I prefer to take notes by hand, looking at a screen for hours at a day is tiring on my eyes and I also enjoy writing with a pen or pencil more than typing. I might be mistaken on this point, but I do believe hearing that research suggest that information is easier stored in your memory when you write compared to type, but I could completely be making that up so don’t quote me on it.


Motivational phone case here

If you’re like me and like things that are aesthetically pleasing, this is what I recommend getting!

  • A pen in your favourite colour. I love silver but I know many people love gold, so it’s definitely worth seeing if you can find a pen like that. For example this one by Paperchase or the above from Kate Spade
  • A pretty notebook. Not so much for taking revision notes or lecture notes, but just one that looks pretty and is smaller for things to remember.
  • Of course, also get note books for your lectures to jot things down in. These don’t need to look good, but they need to be in a size that you prefer and I prefer lined sheets.
  • A cup or pen holder to store your pens and pencils. If you have a desk to keep this one, use something you find pretty to store your pens and pencils in. It helps to keep you motivated to write as you’re creating a more pleasing environment to write in.
  • A cup to hold your tea or coffee to lectures. Saves you money by not going in to Starbucks and wakes you up! The above from Kate Spade is already on my wish list!
  • An agenda/diary. Get one in the size you prefer and to your taste. Maybe this one or this one


xx Rapunzel

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored and I have not been paid in any way to write this. It is simply my honest opinion

Career girl daily

I have a little tip for you today! This is for all my girls, in it’s a good one. If you are a female who interested in being successful, beauty, lifestyle tips and fashion then this is for you!

519bcdfd7424be2fda6999e11d90f45d-564x600 It is honestly so so good! It’s a blog writing by several ladies and it focuses on material for professional girls in their 20-s and 30-s. It can almost seem like an online magazine, and I am not exaggerating that I read almost every article.


They have interviews with interesting, successful women, beauty tips, fashion trends, how to become more successful guides and how to take care of your mental health (such as stress relief). To me it is such as perfect blog, I wish I had written it myself. So head over there and please thank me if you thought this was a good tip 😉 (lol)


xx Rapunzel


Preparing for something very exciting!

I just got confirmation of something extremely exciting that is going to happen at the end of October! It’s all happening because I have a very hard working, talented boyfriend and we get to travel to one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. No need to say that I’m beyond excited! I won’t reveal where we’re going yet but I will bring my laptop there, take lots of pictures and share the wonderful experience.

This won’t be until the end of October, 3oth of October which is also my sister’s birthday. I’m glad because I love having something to be excited and look forward to and it also means I get time to adjust my body shape closer to what I want. I have a job that consists of shifts, which has shown to have many negative effects on people’s health, one of them that shift workers in general have a higher BMI and are more unhealthy. When you work 12 hour days and you only have one hour from you get home until you have to be in bed asleep again, cooking is not tempting.


meal prep


I’m not a great cook and I don’t enjoy cooking but eating unhealthy food or simply skipping meals is not good for my health and I can already see the effects and I hate it. I want to treat my body well and I want to have energy and live a certain life style. That’s why I have decided that I’m going to start meal prepping and exercise after a schedule.

The type of exercise that I’m going to do is running, pilates and strength training, with some swimming. These are all activities that I enjoy doing and I have been missing going to the gym and doing pilates. My next step is therefore to find a gym that offers pilates and possibly has a pool.




Meal prepping is simply cooking many meals together in one go, storing it in the fridge and freezer and plan when you are eating each meal so you don’t have to cook as much. This saves time, money and I’m planning on making healthy meals, all things that are great! All I need now is some boxes to store all the meals and I’ll be a less stressed, healthier and more energised me.

I’m in two minds if I should do any before and after photos. Mainly because I don’t like exposing myself that way, but I might do some fully dressed ones, should I of course get to the point where I see any physical changes. My aim is to feel more energised, feel happier and healthier, be less bloated, have less cravings and look more toned. I’m extremely motivated and I have from the 18th August until the 30th of October to reach my goals. I’m ready!!


xx Rapunzel

Get ready for school: backpack edition

I’m still feeling horrible. Being at work has only made this cold worse and now my body has had enough. Thankfully I have the day off to just stay in bed and let my body the get rest it needs. And do some much longed after blogging!

Since school is about to start for many it I really wanted to do at least one post about getting ready for school. This is the first year since I was the age of six that I am not going in to a new school  year. I’m not sure how I feel about it to be honest. On one side I do like obviously having an income, learning a lot that can not be learnt through books and not have any assignments. On the other side I have days were I miss being a student. Even the long nights stressing about finishing an assignment that I had been procrastinating on is remember with rose tinted glasses. I love learning, I actually loved (mostly, let’s be honest) lectures and the whole process of getting yourself a degree. I was lucky in that I studied a subject that I was very passionate about and I do hope that I will return to university to complete another degree to finish the path I have started.

To stop this rambling and get to the point, here are items that I would purchase if I was going back to school.



  1. Day & Mood Clive Leather Flap Backpack
  2. Fjall Raven Women 18l Kanken Backpack

  3. Burberry Ll Rucksack Bag 

  4. SheIn(sheinside) Striped Canvas Backpack

  5. Patagonia Arbor Pack 26L

  6. The North Face Women’s Borealis Backpacks

  7. Jessica Simpson Nantucket Orange Cinch Pack

  8. Yoins Textured Leather-look Backpack in Moss with Tassel


I’m going to be really old and boring here and say that you need a backpack/rucksack for school. Honestly, you’ll be able to fit so much more stuff in there and carry it with more ease. Personally I had a blue North Face rucksack that made me look like the biggest geek but I truly didn’t care as I was able to bring so much with me without ruining my back. Some of the bags above are more inspiration than anything else. Obviously I don’t expect anyone to buy a £840 rucksack to wear to school, that’s just plain silly! But use it as inspiration, and there will be lots of look-a-likes at places such as Asos.

I’ll add at least one other post on getting ready for school, focusing on other things besides backpacks.


xx Rapunzel


I have gotten sick. Ugh. For as long as I can remember I have been getting colds and other illnesses I would say at least 4 times a year. I can even remember being sick 8 times in a year. But! I cannot remember being sick since around November, which is a pure miracle. Alas, here I am, in bed, sick. I have a horrible cold, nose running, nose being Rudolf red, the whole thing. So it is safe to say I have not have the most exciting past few days.

So today my only plan is to sit in bed, watch films, google how to get healthy quickly and eat. I want to be back at work and I know that I am going to be bored to death at being in bed by this evening. If anyone has any good cold remedies please let me know!


Ps: This filter really is everything.


xx Rapunzel

Birthday weekend part 2

The second part of my birthday weekend is going to cover Saturday and Sunday. My boyfriend has booked tickets to go up the Eiffel Tower and we started to stroll over in the beautiful sunshine. We saw Arc de Triomph in the distant and decided to head that way in the way to the Eiffel Tower. I didn’t want to squeeze too much in, but a few touristy things had to be done.

When we got to the Eiffel Tower it was actually closed as there had been someone trying to get in with a knife. I find that so scary, especially with the amount of tradgies that have happened in France lately but thankfully it was not something that escalated.

Finally at the top the view took my breath away! So beautiful, and so much bigger than I expected. I am also petrified of height and my legs were actually shaken on the way down lol. We couldn’t have asked for a better day as it was so sunny and hot!

We made a last minute decision to go to the Moulin Rouge at night. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was definitely an experience! Cute little tables with red lamps on them, waiters who rush around giving out bottles of champagne and of course the cabaret. Definitely a fun experience and I was smiling and giggling throughout. But if you’re going and travelling don’t that your children to at, a lot of people actually did and it’s not the place for kids lol.

Sunday was my favourite day! We went to the Louvre! I have been wanted to go for years and especially after watching the Da Vinci code, cliche as it might be. It was absolutely genormous! We only got to see a small part as museums really it was so big, but I got to see the Mona Lisa which I’m thrilled about. Be aware that there are so so many other people there, it’s an old building that really wears on your legs and to bring lots of water.

It was the best birthday surprise I have received and I feel so lucky to have someone in my life who brings me so much love, joy and treats me so well. I’m looking forward to the year as being 25 and so excited about the future!
Xx Rapunzel

Birthday weekend part 1

Hi everyone

I wanted to write a post about my birthday weekend. I will do it in two posts and this one will cover Thursday and Friday. I’ve had an amazing few days in beautiful Paris. I’ve been to the Eiffel Tower, eaten the longest meal I have probably ever had in a Michelin star restaurant, been to the Louvre and generally just enjoyed my birthday weekend with my boyfriend. It’s truly been a special time and I feel so blessed!

We started the weekend in London with balloons, treats and an amazing meal at Chevice in Old street. We have been to the restaurant before and the serve the most amazing South American food, you must try the roast chicken! So simple but so full of flavour. I also got to wear my bag for the first time and was beyond excited!

On Friday afternoon we jumped on the Eurostar to Paris, both eager and excited! Although I did manage to nap on the train as I’m a professional at sleeping on transportation, it’s a true talent.

Arriving in Paris we headed straight for the hotel.

We stayed at the Buddha Bar Hotel in Paris which was divine. An Asian styled hotel were the staff make sure you have everything you need and that you’re comfortable. And let me tell you that bath was amazing!

We went out for dinner to Les Climats were we managed to spend over 4 hours (!!) eating. We chose a set menu with paired wine, I can’t even remember how many glasses I had which is why I only have the pictures below from dinner (whoops). I did have an amazing time though and although some of the courses were a bit too strange to my taste, overall the food was divine and the staff and location was superb.

Part 2 will be coming up soon.
Xx Rapunzel