A part of me

The reason that this blog is called Rapunzel the psychologist is because my ultimate goal is to qualify as a psychologist; and I was also called Rapunzel because of my long, blonde hair and decided to use the name in social media.

I have studied and worked in psychology and mental health for many years now, I’m constantly learning and I’m never bored by it. It’s so normal, yet it is often tabooed and not talked about. That’s another reason I chose my blog name, to focus on mental health and remove the stigma as much as I can.

What surprised me when I first got in to psychology is how many people who are educated on the topic but who can still be affected by it. Psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health nurses etc., even if you are educated you can still have mental health issues. And it is completely normal. Just like your GP can get the flu, your psychologist can have anxiety.


So far I am educated to postgrad level in psychology and I have a job that involves working closely with people with mental health issues. I know about different diagnosis, therapies, treatments, symptoms etc. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be affected and that I am immune. Mental health issues are difficult, they can make you feel isolated and vulnerable. But they shouldn’t be. I know that I can be prone to certain mental illnesses, I have never been given a diagnosis because I have never brought the issues up with a GP or someone qualified in mental health. Luckily for me I was able to get out of the situation that I was in. I was either suffering from burnout, or SAD (seasonal affective disorder), the two are similar so I am not sure which diagnosis I would have been given. It was the most difficult months of my life and I felt extremely lonely, sad,worthless and I couldn’t imagine that I would ever get back the life that I had or that I would feel better. Luckily, it did. I’m not sure how I did it, but it was a slow process. What I wish I had done is reached out to friends and someone professional. I could have gotten help that would have made me better sooner. Or just had someone’s support when I was struggling. I hope this will be read by someone who is struggling and can use the advice. Reaching out to someone is never as hard as it seems then. Everyone goes through difficult times in their life and it is okay to not have the perfect life all of the time. Reach out to anyone, reach out to me, mental health is just as important as physical health.



xx Rapunzel

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