To my girls

I’m a girl’s girl. Most of my closest friends are girls, I have two younger sisters, and many of my interests are typical female interests. Although men are great and I love my boyfriend to death, nothing is like the friendship that you have to your female friends and family.

To me it’s so important to have valuable relationship with girls that I trust, admire and love. I need girls that I can have deep, interesting and thought provoking conversations with. Girls that I can laugh and cry with. Girls that I knew cheer for me and who I can celebrate their successes with. No matter if their values and goals are completely different then mine, I need girls that I am proud of and support.


I have several girlfriends who have become mums and I can see their joy and proud of the lives that they have created. And although becoming a mum is not a goal of mine in the near future and might never be, I am so happy for them because I see the joy that it brings them.

Girls, whatever it is that you want from life, go for it. Fight for it and work for it! Whether you want a family, travel the world or become a CEO, work for it and surround yourself with girls who applaud you for it. We only get stronger together.


xx Rapunzel

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