How to spend a lazy Sunday

Ah, Sunday’s. The ultimate chill out day. I remember hating Sunday’s when as a child as everything was closed and it often meant hiking or skiing trips with the family. Now, I love hiking and being in nature, but as a child it was the most boring thing I could think of.

Now as an adult Sunday’s are used to recharge, get ready for the week and a last chance to spend some quality time either with loved ones or alone.

Here’s some ideas of what to do on a Sunday



  • Have a spa day. I absolutely love spa days and you definitely don’t have to go to an actual spa to get the same experience. Gather your favourite products and put on some music or a film and feel yourself getting more and more relaxed. I love exfoliating my skin with a gentle exfoliation, using sheet masks, a moisturising hair mask and doing my nails.
  • Spend time outside. Is the weather nice? Go outside! Go for a walk in a near by park or the woods, go to the beach, go for a bike ride, whatever you want. Sunday’s a perfect for some light exercise.


  • Brunch. If you have the option (as in no kids), sleeping in is amazing when you have time off. If you live alone call a friend and go out for a long brunch or make a massive brunch at home and really take your time enjoying it. I wouldn’t say no to these pancakes!
  • Do absolutely nothing. Spend all day in bed or on the sofa reading or watching series or films. Some might be too restless for this or view it as a day wasted but I love spending a day barely moving. I need it and it almost always makes me more energised and ready for whatever I have on the next day.



Now, I’m not going to add a lot of ideas of things that will make you more productive, improve your skills or whatever. In my mind Sunday’s are for relaxing and to enjoy yourself, there’s plenty of time for the rest during the week. And especially for someone like myself who is a professional worrier and easily anxious, I don’t need another day where I’m told that I should do this and that. I need a day where I simply relax and do whatever I want, even if that means spending all day watching films. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do today. Enjoy your Sunday!


xx Rapunzel

Pictures not mine

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