My favourite bloggers

I have been reading blogs for years and years. I think the first time I heard about blogs was in 2007, that’s 9 years ago! I’ve been hooked ever since and could spend hours reading through blog posts, sometimes even days if I stumbled upon a blog and they had been blogging for a long time.

The types of blogs that I read have changed over the years, the same time as my interests have changed over the years. There are some blogs though that I have read for years and years, simply because what they write and share is something I find interesting, and or aesthetically pleasing. Some blogs are Norwegian, simply because I am Norwegian and the first blogs that I came across were by Norwegian girls. In no specific order


Ida Wulff /

This is a blogger I have followed since day one of discovering blogs. She is Norwegian/Danish based in Oslo and shares her life through her blog. The reason why I am still reading her blog is because she is extremely funny, and writes very well, she comes across as genuine and shares of herself. She has made a living from her blog but never comes across as show-offy, but down to earth and someone you’re both jealous of because of her beauty and someone you want to become friends with because of her good nature.



Rosie /

Rosie was on of the first if not the first UK blog I read. Her clever use of words, dad jokes, and amazing pictures keeps me excited for her new posts. She writes about food, reviews restaurants, posts outfit pictures and shares her travels with her readers. She’s the ultimate goal for any 20something girl who loves travelling and good food, and I can’t keep but admiring her long, lean body and bouncy hair! If you haven’t already discovered her, you absolutely need to.



Erin /

I found this blog in a rather unusual way. I was at a Waterstones, looking for books when I went in to the interior books section and this beautiful book with black and white striped back (which I love!!) caught my eye. It was a bit pricey but looking through the book I had to buy it and I read the entire book in a few days. I then went to look at her book and ended up spending hours and days reading through her blogs and I absolutely loved it. I was just getting in to interior design and I was immediately taken with Erin’s beautiful style, but I also feel like I can connect to her through her blog posts and book as she shares of herself and makes you feel like your communicating with a friend. I rather new blog found but I’m hooked.


Anniken /

Another Norwegian blogger which I adore. She is extremely beautiful with effortless fashion sense, but more importantly she is thinker, she cares, and she reflect on herself, other people, the world. Her personal posts are painfully beautiful and she is one of the people who brought medias attention to the horrible treatments of the factory workers in Cambodia who work for H&M. A small girl with a big purpose and someone I’m excited to follow.



Rachel /

When I found Rachel’s blog, I was overcome with inspiration and admiration. This blog is girly, pink, fun and her little family is absolute goals. She shares her life through outfit posts and pictures of herself, her husband, daughter and dog in their massive, stunning house or out and about. She is always immaculately dressed in the most feminine clothes with, designer accessories, with her daughter on her arm and a bump that shows a baby boy hiding inside. She is the ultimate goal for working women and mums, and she manages to be inspirational without coming off as she shows of and that there is a lot of work behind her beautiful pictures.



I hope I gave you some new blog finds!

xx Rapunzel


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